Get Your Cottage Ready for Fall

Summer is over and whether you’re ready or not, Fall is here. But don’t fret! Here are ten simple things you can do to get your cottage and your listing ready for Fall renters.

Update Your Photos:

Your pictures are the first thing potential renters look at. Why not keep your pictures up to date with the seasons? Plus the fall colours are just so pretty! Improve your bookings and your listing simply by changing the photos to more seasonally appropriate pictures.

Have Cut Wood Ready / Check Heaters:

The temperatures are dropping so you’ll want to make sure the cottage stays cozy and warm. Make sure you have a pile of wood pre-cut and stacked ready for your renters so they can keep the fireplace or wood stove running. If you don’t have a wood stove or fireplace, give the heaters a once over. Are they working? Any strange smells that might alarm renters? And don’t forget to check the filters and make any necessary repairs.You may also want to consider having portable space heaters available for bedrooms that you know are colder than the rest of the house.

Change Over Blankets and Sheets To Warmer Ones:

This is a pretty simple thing you can do that can dramatically improve the stay for your guests. Thicker comforters or duvets and changing from cotton sheets to flannel sheets can make all the difference to keeping your renters comfortable through the night.

Clean Up The Property / Bring Out The Rake:

As Fall arrives and the temperature falls, so do the leaves and small sticks. Maintaining the property and keeping things tidy creates a great first impression for guests as they arrive. So clear the sticks from the driveway, rake up the leaves, and sweep the deck to keep things looking as fantastic as what they saw in your photos. Also, think about keeping the rake available for guest use to allow families and children to create the iconic leaf pile for jumping in! Truly a fall favourite.

Water Pipes:

Whether you are getting your running water from the lake or from a well; the Fall weather may cause your water pipes some problems. You don’t want to leave your renters with frozen pipes so check on them now and make any repairs you think are necessary to ensure full running water during the cold months. You should also think about insulating them for the weeks that no one is in your cottage so that they don’t burst from lack of use.

Screens and Windows:

A common theme in the Fall is the cool crisp weather, and although we may love it as humans, it drives animals indoors. Check the screens, windows and doors for any holes or gaps to prevent any furry visitors from setting up a home in the warm indoors.


Leave umbrellas or ponchos near the front door so that your renters can stay dry on wet days. Its a small gesture that can go a long way.

Put A Mat At The Doors:

With the rain and the falling leaves, your renter’s shoes may drag that mess inside. To keep your place beautiful, put mats at the entrances and maybe even a shoe rack to remind guests to take their shoes off and keep your floors clean.

Docks and Floating Rafts Out of The Water:

Lake water at this time of year is only for the brave. Be a step ahead of Mother Nature and take care of these water tasks before the snow falls. Remove your dock or floating raft so that they don’t move or break with ice shifts.

Update Your Rates To Your “Off-Season” or “Fall” Rates:

Do your rates change with the seasons? If so update your rates to reflect the Fall season so that potential renters have up-to-date information about your property.

There you have it, 10 simple things to make this fall your best renting season yet. A little work now, means less work later. Happy cottaging!


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