It’s amazing how much a tiny mistake can impact the outcome of your cottage rental. Property owners make mistakes for various reasons: they’re in a hurry to list; it’s too much work; they haven’t done their research…. But it’s worth the time and effort to list your property right. Here’s a list of 15 mistakes property owners make when renting their cottages – so you don’t make them!

  1. They don’t add pictures to their listing.If you don’t include pictures in your listing, you can forget about it. Anyone who finds your listing will simply skip it because they’ll never rent your cottage blind.
  2. They add bad pictures to their listing. Listings appear unprofessional if the photos are fuzzy, and unattractive if they’re too amateur. Spend the time taking the most beautiful pictures possible – present various angles, seasons, views, etc., to showcase your listing in all its glory.
  3. They don’t add rates to their listing. If you want prospective renters to skip past your listing, then don’t add a rental price. Indeed, cottage rental rates are one of the most popular search criteria renters rely on.
  4. They don’t research their rate. Make sure you research the price of your listing so that it’s competitive and your costs are covered.
  5. They give wrong listing information. If your cottage is located in Haliburton be extra careful to indicate Haliburton, and not Huntsville, for example. If your cottage is lakeside, make sure that’s indicated in your listing – or you’re losing most of your prospective renters.
  6. Spelling mistakes. Spelling and grammar mistakes cost property owners dearly when they list online. Their property may not show up in search results; they appear unprofessional, and the property appears much less appealing.
  7. Unresponsive. Make sure you respond to renter inquiries promptly, or you absolutely risk losing prospective renters.
  8. They don’t leave a Welcome Manual.Without a Welcome Manual, your renters won’t know what they can and cannot do at your cottage. And they will inevitably do what they cannot do – that, or you’ll end up with a broken dishwasher. Create a Welcome Manual and rest easy that your cottage rules will be respected, and your careful instructions will be followed.
  9. They leave their valuables out. Your renters may seem be the most well-meaning people, but don’t trust them not to spill on the vintage rug that’s been passed down through generations, or leave your priceless ruby in the vanity drawer. This one’s self-explanatory.
  10. Appliances aren’t working. There’s nothing worse than renting a cottage with a laundry room that you paid extra for, only to find out that the dryer’s on the fritz. Before your renters arrive, inspect your appliances to ensure your renters get what they paid for.
  11. Didn’t collect money up front. If you don’t collect your money up front, you risk never collecting it, or getting less than you asked for. So make this one a rule.
  12. Didn’t collect a security deposit. Accidents happen, and you need to ensure that that security deposit is collected so that you don’t pay for your renters’ mistakes.
  13. Out-of-date availability. Want to get yourself in a pickle? Don’t update your calendar availability. Your renters will be far from overjoyed when they lose the cottage of their dreams due to a double booking.
  14. The cottage isn’t clean.In an ideal world, your renters will return to your property every year – or at least to recommend it to their friends. So make sure it’s spotless and presentable when they arrive.
  15. Their listing is uninspiring. If the sunset around your cottage is magnificent, the stars sparkling, the woodstove cozy, and the campfire toasty, let us know it. Inspire your buyers by listing your property with care and pride.
  16. Misrepresentation: Cottage owners should do their best to make their cottage sound as wonderful and inviting as possible. But there can be a fine line between good marketing and misrepresentation. Always be honest and upfront about what your cottage has to offer. There is nothing worse for business than unsightly reviews from disappointed renters!

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