It’s cottage rental high season, so we thought we’d help you make your guests feel at home before they arrive. Here’s a list of simple tips and ideas that can make a huge difference to your guests’ stay – so they’ll be sure to return next year or tell their friends.

  1. Clean it. It might take a bit of work, and possibly (or definitely) a cleaning service, but it’s crucial that your guests arrive to a spotless cottage. Make the beds, vacuum the floors, declutter. Make it sparkle!
  2. Make it safe. Your guests are in a brand new environment, far from home, so make sure the doors are secure, that all of the locks work, that the docks and all the wires, outlets, etc., are in good shape.
  3. Welcome note. Along with your Welcome Manual, leave your guests a warm welcome note to ensure they feel right at home in your home.
  4. Bottle of wine. With your welcome note, how about leaving your guests a bottle of wine? It’s classy, friendly and inviting.
  5. Flowers. Fresh flowers add a pretty, colourful touch to your cottage. Place them on the kitchen table or beside your welcome note.
  6. Fresh fruit. Your guests will love a basket of fresh fruit when they arrive. They’ve had a long trip and may not have time to get to the grocery store right away, so this will help them out in addition to making them feel at home.
  7. Got linens?If you offer linens with your rental, make sure they’re fresh, coordinated and neatly folded. You might want to include a warm blanket in each room for chillier nights.
  8. Got towels? If you’re providing towels, make sure they’re fluffy and in good condition – no loose threads or frayed edges for your guests.
  9. Just for kids. If your guests have kids, you may want to place nightlights in the rooms and hallways and make accessible any child-friendly gear you have available, such as a high chair, toy chest, children’s books, movies, etc.
  10. Soaps and lotions. You don’t have to provide the sunscreen, but some natural soaps and lotions in the bathrooms would delight any guest!
  11. Coffee or tea.As a warm welcome gift, you could include a selection of tea or coffee with your welcome note – or even a summery iced-tea mix.
  12. S’mores! If you want to be even more creative with a welcome gift, leave your guests a s’mores kit (they are readily available in most grocery stores).
  13. Air conditioning. In the heat of summer, it’s important that the cottage is comfortable. Triple check that the fans and air conditioning work perfectly.
  14. Bottled water. If the water at your cottage isn’t drinkable, provide a jug or case of bottled water to get them started.
  15. Little extras. You know what they say, it’s the little things that count. If there are any little details you can add to your guests’ experience, go for it!

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