August 2017


Anyone else excited for TIFF? Movies filmed in Toronto!

The Toronto International Film Festival is coming soon! We’re not counting down the weeks anymore—now we’re counting down the days! Are you excited about TIFF? Make your wait easier by celebrating some of Toronto’s classic movies at home. Toronto has been the setting of hundreds of movies! Here are some of the most famous films shot in Toronto.


American Psycho. This famous serial-killer thriller has kept thousands of viewers up at night! If you’ve seen the film, you know that American Psycho is set in New York. However, you might be surprised to learn that it was filmed almost entirely in Toronto! There are a few shots of the actual New York City, but most of the scenes and buildings are actually in Toronto.


Chicago. As you might guess from the name, this movie is set in Chicago. However, it was filmed almost completely in Toronto! This isn’t the first time that Toronto stood in for Chicago, but it is the most ironic. This film is also about murder, but it has an interesting twist—the main characters are two flappers in the 1920s.


A Christmas Story. You’re probably familiar with this timeless Christmas classic! The story in this film takes place in Indiana, but it was actually filmed in Toronto, with shots in a few of the surrounding small towns. If you want to try sticking your tongue to the pole featured in the story, you’ll have to make a quick drive to St. Catharines!


Frenemies. Millennials will definitely recognize the Disney celebrity cast of this movie starring Zendaya and Bella Thorne! While this might not be an enduring classic, it was definitely in the limelight for middle schoolers a few years ago. This movie was filmed entirely in Toronto.


Hairspray. Well, that was a weird movie, wasn’t it? Still, it’s one we loved for the songs and over-the-top 50s setting! This is yet another movie filmed in Toronto. The story itself is set in Baltimore, Maryland, but the real Baltimore didn’t have the right equipment to do the job for a musical of this caliber.


The Incredible Hulk. This movie was all the rage when it first came out – everything came in green that year, even Oreos! While the green fad has long since died out, this film is still a fan favourite of super hero lovers. With the exception of the Rio scenes, this movie was filmed in Toronto.


Mean Girls. This movie has become a classic favourite for many people—perhaps because we can all identify with some of the film’s exaggerated high school experiences on some level. Although the interior school scenes were shot elsewhere, the rest of the movie was filmed in Toronto.

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Top Fall Festivals in Canada

Fall is coming! For those of us in Canada, that means a display of colourful trees, apple cider, and the first light fall of snow. It also means that fall festival season is about to begin! Do you have plans to attend a fall festival this year? If not, plan a cottaging trip to a top Canadian fall festival for a new experience! Here are Canada’s best fall festivals and where you can visit them.


Fall Flavours: Prince Edward Island: September 1st – October 1st

This wonderful culinary festival is a delicious PEI tradition! People travel from all over Canada to come taste dishes prepared by celebrity chefs. If you love food – and who doesn’t – you’ll be sure to enjoy this wonderful event.

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Tremblant Symphony of Colours: Mont Tremblant, Quebec. September 1st – October 31st

Whether you like organized fairs or not, you are sure to enjoy this festival. The main event at this festival is the explosion of colour that nature offers the Tremblant region! Take a drive through the colourful forest to see the many shades of red and yellow. If you do want to enjoy the festivities, the town will also be hosting a music festival!

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Mont Sutton Fall Festival: Quebec: September 16th – October 15th

This festival lasts a grand total of five weeks! There will be plenty of outdoor activities, such as hiking trips, nature walks, and mountain bike rentals. Kids will also enjoy crafts and the obstacle course, while the whole family can have fun at the big barbecue. This is one of the best Canadian fall festivals for families!

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Fall Okanagan Wine Festival: British Columbia: September 28th – October 8th

Head to B.C.’s Okanagan Valley this autumn for a wine festival to remember! This festival will feature events that appeal to any palate, including the Wine Tasting and Farmer’s Market, Young Chef’s Exhibition, wine tastings, wine awards, and more! Wine lovers from all over Canada will be here, and you won’t want to miss out.


Oktoberfest: Kitchener, Ontario: October 6-14th

Ontario’s favourite fall festival is the largest Oktoberfest outside of Germany. Whether or not you have German roots, this is a fun place to dress in German garb for a weekend and get those kegs open and flowing! Come enjoy a display of Bavarian culture in a family-friendly format.

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Pumpkinfest: Wellington, Ontario. October 14th – 15th

Pumpkinfest is a tradition in Wellington that has had more than 20 years of history! The most famous part of the festival is the weigh-off, in which everyone with a pumpkin competes to see whose is the heaviest. A world-record pumpkin once won this local contest! Of course, there are lots of other things to enjoy, like the parade, food, and entertainment. This is a classic fall festival that everyone will be sure to love!

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Best Beaches in Newfoundland

Newfoundland is wild, romantic and intoxicatingly beautiful! Get far away from the buzz of modern life when you travel to Newfoundland’s rugged coastal wilderness. If you’re looking for a great beach to visit while you’re in Newfoundland this year, look no further! We’ve selected a few of our favourite NL beaches to share with you.


Salmon Cove Sands. Beaches are some of the most romantic places in the natural world. This beautiful beach, however, is particularly romantic – it’s actually heart-shaped! If you’re looking for a great place to go for an anniversary or even a proposal, Salmon Cove Sands is it. The beach is set against the dramatic backdrop of rocky cliffs plummeting into the Atlantic Ocean below and its dark grey sand adds a feeling of allure and mystery to the place. If you want to get a better view of the beach, you can hike up to the cliffs and admire the sweeping view below.


Shallow Bay Beach. Gros Morne National Park has a lot of wonderful attractions, and Shallow Bay Beach is at the top of our list. While pebbly beaches aren’t the best for kids hoping to build sandcastles, they are awesome for people who love pure, natural places. Shallow Bay Beach is one of these captivating pebble beaches. Come here to hunt for sand dollars and seashells or to watch the migratory shorebirds who visit each fall.


Middle Cove Beach. Any time of the year, this is a great beach to visit! Summer’s sunshine brings the typical beach fun, such as sunning on the shore and fishing in the water. However, winter’s chill winds bring the most breathtaking beauty to this lovely beach. Come in the winter to see the cliffs dressed in snowy white robes! You’ll also get to witness the stunning majesty of a winter waterfall, frozen in mid-cascade.


Deer Lake Beach. This beautiful Newfoundland beach is a popular place to do yoga. If you’re a yogi, why not visit and join one of the yoga classes on the sand? If you’d rather not get your flex on, Deer Lake Beach is a great place for relaxing, too. The beach features picnic tables, fire pits and a wooden boardwalk, making it an ideal spot for families on summer vacation.


Bottle Cove Beach. Experience wild Canada when you visit Bottle Cove Beach! Newfoundland’s most beautiful rugged beach is a must-see location. Here, you can hike to the top of the grassy cliffs to watch the waves thunder powerfully on the rocks below. You can also spend time in the calmer waters by the beach, where you’ll find solitude and views of some of the most beautiful marine scenery in Newfoundland.

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Top 5 Cottage Getaways from Toronto better than Muskoka

A lot of Ontario cottagers automatically pick Muskoka as their go-to getaway zone. However, there are many other places you can go that are just as good as Muskoka! Skip the crowds this year and find a quiet, peaceful place to enjoy your time away. Here are some of our favourite non-Muskoka getaways.


Cambridge. This beautiful Ontario town is far away enough from Toronto to shake off all those big-city feelings, but it’s close enough for you to take a break from the bustle without putting too many miles on your car. Here, enjoy a world where nature meets urban in a historic setting! The town is filled with parks and nature areas, but it also has theatres, museums and other indoor activities for foul-weather days.

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Grafton. Originally named “Grover’s Tavern,” this town still features the real Grover’s Tavern at its centre. You can dine at the old tavern when you visit this sleepy little town and you can walk the historic streets to imagine what like must have been like during the War of 1812. Many of the buildings hail from this era and others have been constructed to reflect the town’s historic roots. If you want a relaxing getaway with an old-fashioned touch, this is the perfect place to get it!

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Bancroft. The charming town of Bancroft was built along the York River way back in the mid-1800s. It’s little wonder why this place was chosen as an ideal spot to settle! The town has all the beauty of the Canadian Shield and Algonquin Park and is close to a multitude of outdoor adventures. Today’s Bancroft is quintessentially small-town Ontario, with the charms you love about close-knit communities and close proximity to Toronto.

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Fenelon Falls. If we had to pick one word to describe Fenelon Falls, it would be “adorable.” This town is characterized by white picket fences and tiny shops. Grab a snack at the bright pink Pie Shack or fine country treasures at The Barn & Bunkie. If you get your fill of the town, you can go hang out on the water at the nearby Kawartha Lakes.

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Huron County. Leave the city of Toronto far behind you and head to Ontario’s loveliest rural setting! Huron County has the wide-open spaces you’re craving and also offers plenty of fun on the shores of Lake Huron. You can find a cottage here in one of the many small communities dotting the county, such as Goderich or Blyth. Huron County boasts endless historic sites, provincial parks, nature reserves and quirky attractions. Why not find a cottage in your favourite town and then spend some time driving through Huron County? There’s plenty to see here and none of it involves traffic jams or busy sidewalks. Here, you can spread your arms and breathe.

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Top Hiking Trails in Middlesex County

Looking for an activity that is budget friendly, eco-friendly, and family friendly? Look no further – Middlesex County, located in Southwestern Ontario, has a host of unique trails that will be sure to take your breath away. Whether you’re planning a short jaunt to a picnic spot, or are an experienced hiker looking for a challenge, there is a trail for everybody in Middlesex County.


Mosa Forest/Skunk’s Misery (Newbury):

Don’t be fooled by the name; Skunk’s Misery isn’t a hiking trail for those pungent black and white little critters. In fact, Skunk’s Misery is one of the largest forested block remaining in the Carolinian region and is known for having some of the most biologically diverse and rare plant and animal species of Southern Ontario. Skunk’s Misery is perfect for bird watchers, botanists, or explorers looking for a more challenging hike.


Parkhill Conservation Area (Parkhill):

For those looking for a hike along water, Parkhill Conservation Area trail will sweep you away. The eight kilometre trail follows along the Parkhill Creek and Reservoir and combines the perfect blend of secluded forest trails and wide open expanses perfect for pictures. The trail culminates at a rest area overlooking the Parkhill Reservoir, aptly named, “The Scenic Lookout”. After hiking why not try some of the other recreational activities offered including: canoeing, windsurfing, fishing, kayaking, and more!


Strathroy Conservation Area (Strathroy):

This Conservation Area, located within the Town of Strathroy, includes a three kilometre trail through a beautiful floodplain forest. This trail is perfect for those who want to combine nature, history, and the amenities of picturesque Strathroy. Take a break from your hike to grab a coffee and baked good from one of the many authentic Dutch bakeries in the town, peruse local artwork, or even stop for lunch at award winning restaurants. Within the Conservation Area is the Sydenham River where you can rent a canoe and paddle down to the Sydenham Marsh.


Longwoods Conservation Area (Mount Brydges):

Take a hike through history at Longwoods Conservation Area. Longwoods features eight distinct trails within 63 hectares of Carolinian forest, ravine, meadows, and wetlands; including The Mill Stream tributary. What makes Longwoods so unique, however, is that within the conservation area lies Ska-Nah- Doht Village which is a recreation of a traditional Haudenosaunee village, including longhouses, a palisade maze, and resource centre with artifacts. This hike will make you step back 1,000 years in the past!


Sharon Creek Conservation Area (Delaware):

Sharon Creek Conservation Area is a hidden gem that attracts people from all over the region. Sharon Creek features 35.6 hectares of water and 12.9 hectares of forest, grassland, ravine, and wetlands. Other activities include picnicking, bird watching, fishing, and canoeing. Or do as the locals do and cannonball off the side of the ravine into Springer Lake. With so many different terrains and activities you will never be bored on a hike again!


Komoka Provincial Park (Komoka):

Recently named a provincial park, Komoka’s dazzling trails and stunning views of the Thames River makes this a must-visit location in Southwestern Ontario. The park contains six trails of varying length, but with a total combined distance of 12.5 kilometres. Mountain biking and horseback riding are permitted on most trails. Other activities include fishing, bird watching, and nature photography.


Fanshawe Conservation Area (Thames Centre):

Get your hiking boots out for this one! Fanshawe Conservation Area is a 20 kilometre trail that loops around Fanshawe Reservoir. For more adventurous hikers the round trip hike can take up to five hours (2 hours if you’re cycling). But don’t worry, there are tons of other activities for those looking for a more relaxed time. At the park office visitors can rent canoes, kayaks, and fishing poles. We suggest experienced hikers take The
Lake Trail; part of the Thames Valley Trail, it runs from the southern borders of Middlesex County to St. Mary’s.


Dorchester Mill Pond Eco Trail (Dorchester):

A photographer’s paradise! The Mill Pond, located inside Dorchester, is a truly tranquil and unique natural area. This three and a half kilometre hike around the perimeter of Mill Pond boasts natural paths over wooden walkways and bridges. Enjoy the panoramic view from the lookout deck, or watch the Canadian geese land on the water from the historic wooden bridge on the south end of the pond. The pond is habitat to many regional wildlife, including beavers, turtles, raccoons, white tail deer, and many different species of birds.

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Behind the Culinary Scenes in Ontario’s Southwest

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Sometimes visiting a new restaurant, brewery, or winery is about more than just the food and drinks you taste. That’s why we’re here to show you what happens behind the scenes at the delicious local restaurants, breweries, wineries, and farms in Ontario’s Southwest.


Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery, Waterford

Anita Buehner was always drawn back to the farm that she’s walked since she was a little girl. Anita and her husband, Steve, used to be tobacco producers until there was a decline in the need for tobacco. When that happened, Anita would have moments where she would stand in their fields and tears would run down her face because she had no clue what their future held. But, as lifetime farmers, they knew they had to sit down and find a new purpose to bring life to their farming operation again. After researching, they decided to grow lavender because it grows well in their sandy soils, and they also chose to incorporate both wine grapes and hard apple ciders. Now, if you visit Bonnieheath Estate Lavender & Winery, you’ll find a quiet, scenic spot to relax with a glass of wine or hard cider, to shop for lavender luxuries made right on site, and to take a guided walking tour or wagon ride through the fields of purple.

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The New New Age, Port Stanley

The New New Age is a market and brew pub with educational workshops on topics like foraging and permaculture, and an intriguing collection of locally sourced art and crafts. About two years ago, owners Steve and Katie Hotchkiss had the opportunity to help take over a family farm. They decided that moving to Southern Ontario would be a great opportunity to get back to nature, which is something they had wanted to do for a while. So, they created The New New Age, a celebration of sustainable living. Steve and Katie believe that there’s a lot of artistic, aesthetic elements to farming; they see farming and serving food and locally made crafts as a form of artistic expression. In fact, they have talented food artists on staff who do unique and creative things with the produce they bring in from their farm. When you head to The New New Age you’ll see more than just a seasonal foraged menu and a brew pub; you’ll take away an appreciation for the local abundance of wild and cultivated foods that Ontario’s Southwest has to offer.

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Apple Land Station, Thorndale

Apple Land Station is home to a whole crop of farm-themed activities including pick-your own apples and pumpkins, a farm train, a corn maze, and adorable barnyard animals. Ernie Muzylowski always loved picking apples, so when he purchased the farm enterprise in 1974 he decided to plant an apple orchard. They grow 17 different varieties of apples, and Ernie likes them all because they’re all unique and different. Their famous apple pies are truly extraordinary, piled high with 3.5 pounds of apples. But their pies aren’t stuffed with just one variety of apple, they’re made with a pile of different ones, and they’re all made from scratch. After a long winter, Ernie thinks that seeing the apples come out is incomparable, and then in the fall there’s nothing better than riding their train through the orchard, seeing all the fruit on the trees and picking them. The apples taste so much better because you’re picking all the flavour – that’s what makes the pick your own experience so delicious and unique. Learning is huge at Apple Land Station; they want kids to learn to be interested in where their food comes from. Ernie believes that agriculture has to tell a story, and he tells his story at Apple Land Station.


SixThirtyNine, Woodstock

SixThirtyNine is a restaurant that is offering unique flavours that can only be found in the backyard of Oxford County. Chef, Eric Boyar, is always excited about gathering things that people really appreciate, food that has been picked with passion. He believes that what makes a dish worth eating is the love and care that people put into the fresh, clean produce they’ve raised or grown. So, all of the food in house is local. Even Chef Boyar himself treks into the forest for fiddleheads and wild leeks to deliver them to the community’s plate. One of their creative dishes is an apple smoked trout with fiddleheads and pickled shitake mushrooms, a wild leek puree, and finished with crispy leeks and a pine syrup. You can see and taste for yourself how every plate at SixThirtyNine that goes out shows a different part of him, and you can only get that kind of meal from a passionate chef that really loves what they do.

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WindsorEats, Windsor

Windsor local, Adriano Ciotoli, offers fascinating jaunts through historic neighbourhoods with WindsorEats, which originally started off as a restaurant guide for Windsor and Essex County. As it began to evolve, Adriano realized that there was so much more to offer than just the great restaurant scene in Windsor-Essex, so they started to incorporate breweries, wineries, and distilleries. One of the tours that they offer is the drinks in Walkerville tour where they visit is the old Walkerville neighbourhood and create a personal connection with it. When Hiram Walker founded Walkerville and built the distillery, he owned hundreds of acres of land, ran the bank, and owned all of the houses that his workers lived in. When you go into Canadian Club or Walkerville Brewery with WindsorEats, you sit in some of the original rooms, sampling Hiram Walker’s product and original recipe. You also head to the Willistead restaurant, where the front of the bar is built out of old doors from the original Harim Walker facilities. He was very influential in building up, not just Walkerville, but the Windsor region itself, so for Adriano, WindsorEats is about showing his passion for where he lives to other people and getting them to appreciate Windsor like he does.

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Munro Honey and Meadery, Alvinston

Munro Honey and Meadery has been producing honey for four generations, and was Ontario’s first mead producer in 1999. For fourth generation beekeepers, John and Davis Bryans, making honey is in their blood. They learned beekeeping through their father, who learned through his father and grandfathers, and they now have a nephew on board who is a part of the fifth generation. Beekeeping is one of the oldest forms of agriculture known to mankind, and a lot of people are amazed at just how much work a honeybee actually does. In fact, it takes the lifetime of 12 bees to produce a teaspoon of honey. So, when you’re out in the bee yards enjoying the peace and quiet, you get to really be a part of nature. That’s why Munro Honey and Meadery prides themselves on producing Ontario based honey. They pride themselves on doing very little to the product to create the purest, most natural honey product on the market from the hive directly to the table.

If you want to learn more about the process and people behind the culinary scene in Ontario’s Southwest, check out the Next Stop Taste video series to guide you on your travels discovering the best wine, beer, cider, crops, and cuisine in Ontario’s Southwest. Click here for even more trip inspiration and CanadaStays can help you find the perfect place to stay in Ontario’s Southwest.

Best Beaches in Alberta

Alberta is famous for its mountains, not its beaches. However, it boats more than a few wonderful sandy spots to enjoy! On your next trip to the wilderness of Alberta, make it a point to stop at some of these beautiful lakeside beaches. From hidden glacial lakes to sandy ribbons in the heart of Alberta’s hills, you’ll love these beaches!


1. Herbert Lake. Allow yourself to be awed into silence by the views at Herbert Lake! On a calm day, this lake seems to turn to glass, reflecting the sky above and the majestic peaks of the surrounding mountains. If you want to get into nature and away from city life, this is the ideal place to go. Herbert Lake features many beaches along its coast, so you’ll have no problem locating a wonderful place to spend a beach day. If you make it here during 2017, you can get in free, since Canada Parks is offering free passes in honour of Canada’s 150th birthday.


2. Devonshire Beach. Lesser Slave Lake is a lovely place to spend your vacation. The best beach here is Devonshire Beach, a popular spot for families with young kids – although the young at heart love it too. During the summer season, you can enjoy a dip in the cool water. From May to September, break out your fishing pole and try your hand at catching dinner. Visit in July to enter the sandcastle competition!


3. Sylvan Lake. This beautiful lake is located between Calgary and Edmonton. If you’re travelling to either of these places, why not stop for a day at Sylvan Lake? It’s well worth the time. You can enjoy a free day on the shore if you opt for picnicking and exploring, or make adventure out of it by trying out a jetpack! Flying above Sylvan Lake is an experience you won’t quickly forget.


4. Kinosoo Beach. Cold Lake may be cold in the winter, but the summer brings plenty of sunshine and warmth! Enjoy the summer season at this popular beach. There are many things to do here, including various watersports rentals. Kayaks are a common way to explore the lake and you can also rent a pedal boat. If you want to test the limits of your balance, get a paddle board! In case standing and paddling isn’t enough of a challenge for you, you can always try out a few yoga poses. Can you do a headstand?


5. Annette Lake. While some of the other beaches on this list are pretty popular with the crowds, Annette Lake isn’t particularly well-known. Find this hidden spot in the heart of Jasper National Park! Here, you can take a long walk down the wilderness trail around the lake or hang out on the soft sand. The water is glacial, so it is especially beautiful. It’s also cold! You can swim, but you’ll probably prefer to enjoy the lake from the beach.

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5 Unique Places to explore in Ontario

Ontario is filled with fun and incredible places to explore! You know all the most famous places, but do you know about these hidden treasures?
We’ve selected five of our favourite unusual places in Ontario to share with you! Next time you have a free weekend, why not check out one or two of these cool Ontario destinations?


1. Balaclava Ghost Town. There’s something about ghost towns that leave everyone with the chills, but they’re too interesting to leave unexplored. Check out Balaclava Ghost Town for a bit of history and a hike. This town was built in the mid-19th century as a mill town, but once the area’s lumber was used up, everyone moved away. You can wander through the charming yet dilapidated wooden buildings and take a look at the most interest structure of all – the old mill itself.


2. Dorset Lookout Tower. If you’re going to be anywhere near the Lake of Bays on your next vacation, be sure to make the trip to the Dorset Lookout Tower. The tower costs just a small fee per car, and you can stay as long as you want. It’s more than worth the price – you’ll get a sweeping view of the beautiful surroundings from 142 meters in the air!


3. Sand Hill Park. If you like the beach (and who doesn’t?) this just may be your favourite secret place in Ontario! Sand Hill Park is located on Lake Erie and its name describes precisely what it is. Basically, the beach here is a gigantic sand hill that sweeps steeply down into the lake below. There is some flat beach in the area, but the fun part is trying to run up or down the hill! You can also get a great tan by propping yourself up against the hill.


4. Tyendinaga Cavern and Caves. While Ontario boasts plenty of caves (and a lot of them are pretty freaking awesome), Tyendinaga Cavern is one of our favourites. This privately-owned cave is open to visitors who wish to take tours. Join one and you’ll have the chance to walk through the winding caverns and interesting spaces. The best part is the bright blue wishing well inside the caverns!


5. Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve. It strange to think that it wasn’t that long ago that the whole world boasted dark skies. Today, light pollution has all but wiped out our ability to view the night sky as it was meant to be seen. However, there are still those precious places where dark skies have been saved! Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve in Ontario is one of these. Come here to be awed by the Milky Way at night and the beautiful lake during the day.

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