The hectic, busy, and work-focused culture of Canada today makes it all too easy to keep putting off a trip to the cottage. There’s that deadline you’ve got coming up, or the kids have a piano exam that they should really keep practicing for, or the kitchen walls have needed repainting for years… Let’s face it; there will always be a reason to delay a vacation. But come winter when the nights are dark and gloomy and you haven’t had enough Vitamin D in months, wouldn’t you rather have the memories of a fall cottage escape to draw strength from? Here are 5 reasons to go to the cottage… now.

1. Fall Colours

All around Canada, now is the time when our mountains, valleys, hiking trails, and backcountry burst into a glorious riot of red, orange, crimson and gold. The ever-changing fall colours of the landscape are enough to take your breath away, and it’s undeniable that experiencing fall foliage in person utterly transcends looking at photos of the same on a computer screen in the city. You needn’t even go far to find fall colours; book a cottage a few hours out of any given city in September or October and you’re likely to find sugar maples, spruces, aspens, oaks, and more with leaves that gleam like fire.

2. De-Stress

Stress is one of the biggest health hazards of the modern age, contributing to heart disease, depression and anxiety, headaches, and GI problems,  to name a few. It’s amazing what even a weekend at the cottage can do to calm your nerves, soothe your soul, and remind you of all the wonderful things in life worth smiling about. Go hiking through the wilderness, swim lazily in the lake, roast s’mores over a campfire and drink hot cider at night as the weather gets cooler. You’ll arrive back home feeling stronger, happier, and readier than ever to face a new work week.

3. Create Memories

Weeks at the cottage provide happy memories that not only sustain us through long winter months, but help form our identities as Canadians too. It may sound sappy and corny, but booking a cottage escape now will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Whether you’ve travelling as a family, with friends, or even holidaying on your own for some much-needed downtime, do it now. There’s no time like the present to build the life you want.

4. Harvest Festivals

In the lead-up to Canadian Thanksgiving, harvest festivals pop up a dime a dozen across Canada. There’s Prince Edward Island’s Fall Flavours Festival; Vancouver’s Fringe Festival; the Harvest Moon Festival in Clearwater, Manitoba; and the Celtic Colours International Festival, just to name a few. Find a music, food and wine, or film festival that you like the sound of, and then find a nearby cottage to stay in for the duration.

5. Long Cottage Dinners and Cottage Sunsets

This reason is pretty self-explanatory. Imagine sitting in a chair on a dock by the lake, wearing a light sweater to protect against Fall’s colder nights, watching the sun set over glimmering water while eating cedar-planked salmon or grilled steak, in-season corn with lashings of butter, freshly-baked bread and, later, a berry cobbler with perfect vanilla ice cream. Is there any better reason than this to go to the cottage now? If you close your eyes, you might already be able to feel the breeze off the water chasing all your cares away.


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