Many Canadians mark the Victoria Day weekend as the official “opening kickoff” of cottage season. But if you plan ahead, you can avoid filling those 3 days with the usual seasonal chores. Do some things now and, instead of working up a sweat, you’ll be ready to lounge by the lake and truly enjoy that first long weekend in cottage country.

Here are 6 tips to get your cottage ready for the best of summer fun in the sun!

1. Monitor
If there’s a warm spring weekend, take a drive and have a look around your cottage. Do a quick inspection to see what havoc the winter may have caused. Check for fallen branches, cracked siding, broken windows, doors or shutters, and general wear and tear. Or, if you’re a savvy cottage owner and opted for smart security from ADT, you can simply check your video surveillance of your cottage from your smartphone to spot any potential problems in advance of your visit.

2. Light me up!
Do you have a seasonal contract with your power company? If so, make sure your electricity, phone or whatever other services you need are reconnected and working by early May. It’s best to do this before the long weekend. You want to be sure the kids have internet access before you arrive for a seamless transition to summer! Looking to go smart and secure this summer? Enhance your cottage security with ADT remote lighting control. This wireless system lets you remotely program your lights to come on at any time of the day, or day of the week.

3. Waterworks
Getting your water system up and running is important for your cottage prep. Inspect all water lines for any damage that may have occurred over the winter from thawing and refreezing of residual water.

4. Safety first
Don’t forget batteries for flashlights, lanterns and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Once you get to the cottage, be sure to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Get a monitored smoke detector and a monitored carbon monoxide detector from ADT for the ultimate peace of mind you deserve this summer season and beyond.

5. Decks and docks
Verify the condition of your dock and deck to see any signs of broken boards or rot from over the winter. Replace and repair. Clean off your deck and dock with wood cleaner and, if you like, spray or paint on a wood preservative.

6. Stock up, clean up and refresh
Stock up on essentials for a healthy, happy summer. Sunscreen, first aid supplies, beach towels. Remove coverings from furniture, clean counters and cupboards (and look for, and get rid of, any telltale gifts from visiting mice) before stocking your pantry with your favourite summer foods. Refresh your airflow by opening windows and patio doors, turning any ceiling fans on counter-clockwise to create a stronger draft. Replace your air conditioner’s filter or have your central air checked for a breezy, easy summer.

When you follow these simple tips and with the help of ADT, Canada’s #1 home security company, you can help ensure your summer is worry-free by making your cottage fun and safe! Call 888.ADT.ASAP or click here for FREE quote from ADT to find out what you can do to secure your little piece of heaven for just pennies a day.


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