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Whether you run an inn, bed and breakfast, whole home vacation rental or other lodging business, they all require one key element: a good bed. Finding the right bed for your guests involves asking a lot of questions. How does it look? Is it right for the room? Will it last? Here are some bedding tips that will help you find and prepare the perfect bed for your small hospitality business.


The first step is to make the bed the focal point of a room. This is easily done by setting the bed along the centre of a wall. This not only physically positions the bed right in the middle of everything, it also allows people to easily access it from both sides. It’s also important to make sure that both sides of the bed have nightstands or tables. This allows people sharing a bed to each have a place to set their phones, glasses, and other items. The bed is the most important piece of furniture, so plan other items around your bed. If you don’t have enough room for a big dresser or lack a closet, opt for a clothing rack. You also need to consider what size bed you had in mind for a room. If you can fit two full (double) or queen size beds in a room, you can attract parties that have multiple people and need more than one bed. As long as the room doesn’t feel too cramped, this is a great option. You can also upgrade to a single king size bed to give the room a master bedroom vibe, which is great for couples or people who like to live it up while they’re on vacation or a business trip.


When it comes to dressing your bedroom, take a few minutes to think about your establishment and what type of guests you expect to host. If your guests are expecting a nice beach trip, more tropical colours may fit. Reds, oranges, and browns make sense for a pastoral New England B&B. When in doubt, neutral colours will sort things out. Unless you’re trying to purposefully match a season or theme, it’s smart to dress a room in neutral colours. Design and architecture blog Freshome approve of neutral colours because they never grow old, work for any style, and can help you show off nice furnishings, such as that classy master bed with a bold chevron comforter. It’s also smart to provide an assortment of blankets and pillows for guests. Every person has different preferences, so a variety of options can allow them to personalize their bedding. Don’t forget to make sure everything is washable! Everything you pick will have to stand up to repeated washing and drying, which may mean passing on some fabulous fabrics.


A bed bug infestation is a nightmare for any hospitality business. All it takes is one guest to start a bed bug problem, so it’s key to take a few steps to protect your lodgings from these pests. While bed bugs can move around, notes that they tend to stick around beds because they come out to feed at night. Bed bug encasements can be used under sheets to prevent these pests from burrowing in small crevices and holes. Another tactic is to use metal bed frames instead of wood bed frames. Indiana University’s Environmental Health and Safety department cite that bed bugs prefer wood over metal and plastic, as wood has a more porous surface that the bugs like for laying eggs. A metal bed frame gives these critters fewer places to hide, making it easier to spot and stop them before it’s too late.


Since the bed is the centrepiece of your bedroom, it’s important to find the right thing to go under the mattress. There are actually a few options you can use. These parts can often be overlooked, but are critical when it comes to providing a good night of sleep.The traditional bed frame is a common go-to for many lodging businesses since it’s a classic rectangular frame that supports a box spring and a mattress. Platform beds are an alternative that removes the need for a box spring. You can get platform beds that already have a headboard, footboard, and side rails for a complete look. There are also metal platform beds, which are basic but are also easy to move and provide extra storage space. Most people don’t realize this, but there’s another piece of bedding support that pros in the hospitality industry use: the bed base.Bed bases are panels with cross supports that hold up a box spring and mattress. They usually come in metal, but we also offer them in a cherry wood finish. Because they don’t allow space between the bedding and the floor, your customers can’t lose items underneath. That also means there are fewer places for dirt and trash to hide (and for you to clean)!

You’ll have a lot of different people using the bed, so make sure it’s sturdy enough to stand up to extended use. The last thing you, or your guests, want is for the bed to break in the middle of the night! Choose a support made of quality materials – even better if it comes with a warranty (it just so happens our products have both).

Once you’ve decided on what you want to support your guests – or if you want to look around at different options – we can help. Take a look at selection of bed bases, or check out their available bed frames and platform beds to find and order what you need online for your hospitality business.


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