Sometimes the best plans are affected by the fickleness of Mother Nature. High winds, rain or snow can make hiking and picnicking a lost cause. Thunderstorms can knock out power, leaving your family sitting in the dark. However, these are the best times to grab some games and gather around the table. Savvy cottage owners know that keeping games on hand will turn a dreary evening into something magical.

Groups with varied ages and smaller children can play can play games like Operation. Working with tweezers, varied tiny pieces must be removed from the patient. The adult version of this game is Pandemic. Teams must work together to stop pandemic outbreaks. These fun games involve the whole family.

The classic favourite, Life, is still as fun as ever. Chug along the board getting married, having kids and going through life events. Monopoly is also a classic board game to have on hand, especially for older children and adults. The game is perfect for a long evening when the power is out. Light some lanterns and get ready to pass ‘Go’.

Twister is an interactive game that is played on the floor. The whole family will be a tangled mass of reaching arms and stretching legs as colours are called. This is sure to bring lots of laughter (and some sore muscles in the morning).

Settlers of Catan and Kingdom Builders are the new games on the block. These games involve strategies to build new empires and settlements. For a more mature crowd, these fun new games will have you struggling to get the most gold and the most power.

Pull out the folding table and dust off the old games. Gather your friends and family around for an amusing game night.

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