Fall is here, and the trees have begun to trade their green summer fashions for brighter shades of orange and yellow. Ontario is perhaps the best place to see fall colours in Canada, since there are so many incredible places to colour-watch throughout the province! Looking for a good Ontario fall colours destination? Here are a few of the best!


Algonquin Park. With an indescribable display of every leafy shade imaginable, Algonquin Park is perhaps the most stunning place to see a wide array of fall colours in Ontario. The red maple leaves steal the show, but the brilliant yellows, flaming oranges and enduring greens are also a sight to behold.

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Algoma Country. For a perfectly picturesque view of Northern Ontario’s autumnal display, you can’t pass up Algoma Country. Take a train ride down the railroad for a panorama of the colours or hike a mountain to see the bright blue lake ringed with a veritable flame of orange leaves.


The Bruce Trail. The Bruce Trail may be far too long to complete in just a day or two, but any section of this endless hike is sure to bring you through some of Ontario’s loveliest fall colours. Take the train north of Owen Sound for a view of the fall leaves in Colpoys Bay or hike the Devil’s Monument Loop.


Dundas Peak. The hike up Dundas Peak is rewarding at any time of year, but autumn is when the real show happens. When you arrive at the top, you can take a breather on a cliff overlooking the entire valley below. Be prepared to be rendered speechless! The mosaic of reds, yellows, oranges and greens below is a view for which you don’t mind hiking. There are many tour companies that offer trips up the mountain, so you may want to join a group tour if you don’t want to go alone.

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Along the Niagara River. The road along the Niagara River is a wonderful place to view autumn leaves. Niagara-on-the-Lake is the crowning glory of this road trip! Take some time to stop and snap a few pictures, wander through the town and enjoy a cup of coffee on a crisp October day.

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Muskoka. The best way to see fall colours in Muskoka is by taking a road trip all the way to this wonderful fall destination. Get off the main roads and take the back roads! It’s worth slowing down a little and enjoying the scenic view. For awesome fall scenery, drive the backroads of Highway 400, Highway 11 North to Gravenhurst or the Highway 60 Corridor.

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Ottawa. Beautiful Ottawa is rendered even more appealing with its fashionable outfit of fall leaves! The city’s historic architecture, lovely lakeside and green lawns are most attractive with a background of orange and yellow foliage. There are many ways to enjoy the fall colours in Ottawa. Take a walk through the park, kayak along the edge of the lake or go all out and run the Ottawa Fall Colours Marathon!

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