When the cooler air turns apples from green to gold, blush pink and red, it’s time to plan a family apple-picking trip. Spend the day with the sweet fragrance of ripe apples surrounding you. Wander through the lanes of trees. This is a fun experience for the whole family – and the best part is, admission is often free.

Albion Farms, near Toronto, grows several varieties of apples native to Ontario. Empires are ready to pick starting in early fall. Red Delicious, Macintosh and the bittersweet Golden Russet will make their way into pies, jams and snack bags. If you don’t want to pick your own, there is a country market where the apples are already bagged and ready to go. A weekend trip to the local apple orchards can become a family tradition to be enjoyed year after year.

Some of the orchards and farms have gone to great lengths to cash in the apple season. Festival days, farm animals to feed and hayrides often are part of the lure to bring families to the orchards for the day or weekend. Taves Family Farm is located in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Here, clear signs allow pickers to know that the honeycrisp on this certain row are ready for picking.

In Québec, visitors to Cidrerie-Verger Léo Boutin can pick apples while enjoying tractor rides and farm animals. The adults can sample different types of ciders that are pressed right on site. Pick Empires and Jersey Macs. Purchase apple products from the store. Enjoy the apple blossoms and a picnic. This farm is open year-round for your convenience.

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