There’s a cottage country coup going on in every milieu of the marketplace. Need evidence?

When Burton snowboards searched out a high impact collaboration, it was the iconic  Hudson Bay Company stripes that tickled them red, blue, green and yellow. When Roots Canada cooked up their 2011-2012 collection, it was woodsy window displays and Beaver Canoe wearables that came to life. This is all on top of Muskoka taking first place on National Geographic’s ‘Best of Summer’ and ‘Best of 2012’ travel lists. As consumers, we have reached a collective consensus that we will settle for nothing less than all-navajo-everything, and with martini glasses taking a backseat to mason jars it’s clear that all roads lead to cottage country.

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With all roads leading to cottage country, it’s the back of beyond that’s front and centre. Birch bark is definitely the new black.


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