Light a match and strike up the conversation – we’re dining fireside all day long! Here’s our list of magnificent meals we’ll be cookin’ up on an open fire this summer and we suggest you do the same!

Campfire Recipes


Grab a griddle and flip some flapjacks over the fire! This family-favourite is easier than you think to cook over the fire! Add some hand-picked berries or some nuts and seeds (you can feed the leftovers to the birds!) to pump up your pancakes.

Bake up a big batch of oatmeal over the flames. All you need is a big pot and oats, along with toppings of your choice, and you’ve got a healthy, hearty way to start your day!



Homemade Mac&Cheese. There’s something to be said about mac and cheese made over the fire. Warm and cheesy with a bit of that smokey taste turns a routine regular into a decadent dish!

Don’t get all hot and bothered trying to make some tea in the scorching heat! Soak up the sun and let it brew your tea for you! Sun tea is a simple way to cool down a hot day and it doesn’t get any easier than this!



Shish-kebobs are a fun and versatile way to feast fireside. Whether you grill them or roast them (another use for that perfect marshmallow stick!) they’ll always turn out perfect!

Corn on the cob is one vegetable truly loved by all and what better way to enjoy it than roasted over an open fire! Butter dripping down your chin, kernels caught in your teeth and hand grease wiped all over your pants – it’s messy match to the clean-cut kebobs, but we all know its well worth it!



Best for last! While s’mores are a cook-out tradition practiced by many cottage lovers we’d like to shake things up a bit and opt to try out a few new creations!

Bakin’ bannock. Whip up this quick bread and fry over the fire via stick or pot. If you’d like to forgo the plain jane dough, add-in spices, nuts, dried fruits, cheeses or spreads to tasty-up this treat!

Krispy Klusters put a fun spin on typical “rice krispie squares”. Just melt some butter in a large pot over the fire, melt a few handfuls of chocolate chips and then stir in your rice cereal! Dump them out onto a baking sheet and you can make chocolate-y creations that can be decorated with candies! (turn it into a challenge of who can best create a person, place or thing!)


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