How to close your summer cottage?

The task seems daunting to the average cottager. But, it’s not so bad. Here’s a check list to make things easy for you.

  • Make sure you have your security system in place.
  • Void all water pipes to avoid freezing.
  • Shut down the propane.
  • Take the boats out of the water – bubble them or take them to storage.
  • Remove all food, and anything that may attract animals.
  • Defrost and unplug the refrigerator.
  • Place an open box of baking soda inside the refrigerator to keep odors away.
  • Scatter moth balls in the attic and anywhere small animals or bugs might gather.
  • Anti-mildew boxes can be purchased inexpensively to help prevent dampness.
  • Cover windows with shades for storm protection and theft prevention.
  • Store the barbeque.
  • Store patio furniture.
  • Make sure all garden tools are safely put away to help prevent break-ins.
  • Pull the dock out of the lake to avoid cracking and breaking.
  • Check the sump pumps to ensure they’re working.
  • Organize snow removal.
  • Tell your neighbors you’re done for the season, and be sure to leave your home phone number so they can reach you if necessary.
  • Take summer pictures of your cottage to use for advertsing purposes.

Every cottage is different, of course, so be sure to add your individual requirements to the above. Take a careful walk around before you leave just to make sure you have it covered.


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