Pioneer: a person who is among the first to develop a new area of knowledge or activity.

It is the great pioneers of our Canadian past who paved the path to cottage country, and thanks to their trailblazing ways we still get to go to bed in the bush. While times have modernized – we no longer use flint to build campfires – the close relationship between pioneers and cottage country remains.   As such, we dreamed up Cottage Confidential, a behind-the-scenes look at modern-day pioneers and their cultural connection to cottage country. Cottage country is more than a travel destination: it is deeply embedded in Canadian culture and its societal significance makes it a great topic for conversation.

When selecting our first subject, it was a no-brainer that we would track down Rose Reisman. Rose is a pioneering businesswoman who holds a special place in the Canadian community, and when it comes to cottage life, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Rose’s Cottage Country Mantra: “The cottage brings out the best in people!”

What is your cottage country of choice?
I love the Muskokas, Lake Muskoka specifically. It is a magnificent lake and it’s where we cottage.

What does 24 hours in cottage country look like for Rose Reisman?
I relax by doing.  I love working out, walking and swimming; I enjoy spending time with friends and family; and naturally, I love cooking!

What is your favorite family memory at the cottage?
We raised our four children at our cottage – it was a great way to spend quality time together when they were young.

What are your favorite cottage country hot spots?
When raising the kids, we used to take them to a diving hole.  My husband would dive from the top and wow the kids, while I stood by and nearly had a heart attack!

If you could pack only five things on your next cottage vacation, what would they be?
Running shoes; bathing suit; kindle; fruits and vegetables.

Are you a ski bunny or a snowbird?
Both actually!  As a family we love to ski in Colorado, which we have done for 20 something years, but we also enjoy island vacations.

Board games or board sports?
My children love both.

How would you reinvent the S’More?
We make it into a “shot glass” dessert at our restaurant Glow.  To die for!

Whats on your pre-ski breakfast menu?
We all eat a great breakfast before skiing: egg white omelets, fruit and yogurt, and peanut butter and banana on whole wheat bread.

What’s on your aprés-ski menu?
The kids used to love homemade nachos.  I usually sit down to a large salad so I can still eat a good dinner.

What are your favorite winter ingredients?
I love potatoes, other root vegetables and hearty soups and chili.

What about cottage country inspires you?
The lake is it for me. Also, the mountain views when skiing.  They instill a calm in me.

What is your favorite part about your cottage?
Breaking bread with family and friends.  I love sitting down to a large dinner – the best discussions happen over food.


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