Cottage country is a coveted Canadian destination, and with the privilege of enjoying it comes the responsibility of protecting it. Please, please, please be green during your summer getaways.Follow these golden rules of going green to cut down on your cottage country carbon footprint:

  • Be conscious of what you pack! Don’t bring disposable plates and cutlery, instead do a few dishes and save a lot of waste.
  • Recycle everything possible. Start a compost bin for food scraps and think about transferring packaged goods to reusable containers before you leave so you can recycle them properly at home.
  • Plan your menu before-hand to reduce food waste and save money!
  • Only turn on the lights at night (or when there is no natural light) and use compact fluorescent lightbulbs to save energy.
  • Use biodegradable cleaning products to avoid contaminating the water table.
  • Air dry your clothes and towels to minimize the use of dryers.
  • Never flush anything but human waste (or toilet paper) down the toilet!!

For more of these helpful tips and ways to convert your cottage to a green getaway, download our Green Guide for property owners and travelers.


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