When it’s time to head for peace and quiet, serenity by the lake and a little family time most people from Toronto head to Muskoka. However, if you’ve been-there-done-that and are looking for somewhere different, there are plenty of places to find a great lakeside rental.

Located on the ‘Explorers’ Edge’ – the region of the Canadian Shield that is home to Muskoka, Algonquin Park, Parry Sound and the Almaguin Highlands – the town of Huntsville is famed for its natural beauty and cultural heritage and is one of Ontario’s most popular cottage country destinations. Enjoy watersports like fishing, canoeing and swimming in the clear waters. Rental prices are cheaper here than in Muskoka, making this vacation destination a real bargain.

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Lake Huron and the surrounding communities are a great place to find a vacation cottage. Beautiful sandy beaches, frigid blue waters and colourful pebbles make up the shores of this pristine lake. The rural community is less busy than Muskoka and certainly less wooded, but that just makes the views better and photo-ops more plentiful. Prices are cheaper here, too.

Frontenac County is home to many little towns with small-town charms. Rugged rock walls lead down to tranquil lakes. Trees surround many areas and cottages are plentiful. Visitors can tour little businesses where artisan cheeses and other local foods are brought from farm to table. Hike, bike or drive trails like the K & P, which passes over scenic Milhaven Bridge, through farmland and past beaver ponds.

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The Kawarthas are another great destination for cottage vacations. Here in the ‘houseboat capital of the world’ there are plenty of lakeside cottages. Bring the family and enjoy a day on the lake in a pontoon boat. Paddle along on canoes or kayaks. Visit Fenelon Falls, dubbed ‘The jewel of Kawarthas’. Bike or hike the backroads.

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Haliburton welcomes cottagers with plenty of rugged beauty. Streams strewed with rocks, mountain hiking and biking and an annual summer festival offer plenty of activities. Do some serious natural relaxing here.

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