Sleep is a major part of a vacation. When guests are polled on what is going to best about their vacation they often tell us that a ‘good night’s sleep’ is an integral part of it.

Of course the waterfront, the ski conditions, city activities etc are a major draw as well, but the night-time experience is one that can make or break their stay. Your guests want to make sure the bedrooms are going to contribute to that experience and the only way they check that out is from the images you put on your listing.

So, what are your bedrooms like?

Are they desirable?

Just ask yourself this question…

Would a guest arrive and post a photo of the bedrooms on Instagram, to make their friends insanely jealous?

Taking your time to make the bedrooms look attractive and appealing can pay huge dividends in increased interest in your listing, more bookings and stellar reviews that get shared with friends and family. And the return on investment is high.

Spend some time critically evaluating the way your bedrooms look. Are they attractive? Do they look fresh and clean and inviting? Is the bedding flat and uninspiring or sumptuous and luxurious? Would someone book your place based on the bedrooms alone?

Or….are there a couple of flat pillows on a bed where you can see the frame in the photo? Is there a blank wall behind the bed and are the side tables mismatched and from a yard sale?

There are a lot of ugly bedrooms on vacation rental listings and if you want to stand out from your competition, it will be worth your while paying attention to these rooms. Here’s what you can do:

  • Don’t make your second bedroom second-class. When you have two couples to stay, it is unfair for one couple to have to downgrade. They may have to sleep in a bedroom without the ensuite bathroom so give them a bed that is just as comfortable as the master.
  • Invest in good quality beds with pillow-top mattresses with solid frames. Beds that squeak and creak aren’t appealing. Your guests will make a bee- line for the bedroom when they arrive and will probably jump on the bed.
  • If it groans, squeaks or creaks, there may an immediate evaluation of the whole property based on the age and condition of the bed. Aim for a ‘WOW” not an “OW” reaction.
  • Sumptuous looking beds don’t have to cost the earth. Take a look at Pinterest boards, home décor websites and other successful listings and aim to emulate the looks. Replace the flat comforters reminiscent of 3rd rate motels with fluffy duvets, or crisp white sheet sets with a splash of colour in a bedspread folded across the bottom and several throw pillows.
  • Matching side tables, and lamps on either side of the bed create a symmetry that is hard to resist.
  • Large pieces of artwork and other accent pieces add colour and texture to the room. An interesting headboard is far better than a bare wall behind the bed, and doesn’t have to be traditional. Once again Pinterest and popular home décor sites have a lot of ideas.
  • Consider themed children’s bedrooms. This works well in Orlando homes with Disney themes, but can work equally well in any location. Avoid this if the bedrooms are likely to be used mostly by adults, but for bunk-bedded rooms or twins, it can attract interest.
  • Remove personal knick-knacks and family photos. While a collage of family-fun pictures is OK in a family room or kitchen, pictures of your daughter’s wedding, or a child’s graduation should not be left in a rental- ready bedroom.
  • Before taking your photos take a critical look at your finished bedroom. Does the bed skirt fully cover the bed frame? Are there any wires from bedside lamps trailing across the floor? Does the bed look inviting and comfortable?

The time you spend on this will pay back in more bookings. When vacation rental marketers have done A/B testing (publishing two separate photos and monitoring their effectiveness), the more attractive the look, the more interest there is in the property.

For more information on getting the best images read Your Vacation Rental Photo Primer.


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