You’ve rented the cottage. The family has arrived. Now it’s time to make some memories. Crafts are a great way to get everyone together. Whether you are making ornaments or gifts, grab your hot glue guns and ribbon and create something beautiful this year. Here are three great crafts for the whole family to enjoy:

Take a clear plastic ball and fill it with different items to use as an ornament and a gift. Fill a plastic ball with colourful beads and some string for children to make necklaces and bracelets. You could also fill them with great smelling bath beads or bath salts for Mom. Tiny toys, coloured pompoms and googly-eyes – let your imagination go wild.

Make snow globes from different size jars. Baby food and mason jars are perfect for creating tiny winter wonderlands. Simply clean the jars. Dab a bit of waterproof glue in the center lid. Add a teeny Christmas tree, a sleigh or even Santa. Fill the jar with glycerin and water. Add glitter flakes. Seal the lid on tightly and invert. You can make more elaborate scenes in the bigger jars.

Christmas Light Balls are a great way to liven up the outdoor space of the cottage. Cut chicken wire twice as long as it is wide. Wind the ends together to form a cylinder. Next tuck, wind and squish the ends of the cylinder until it forms a rough ball. Use LED lights and leave the plug end out. Weave the lights in and out around the whole ball. Make multiples for a stunning winter yard. Plug it in and enjoy.

Two little twin boys lying in autumn leaves in colorful clothing. Happy siblings kids having fun in autumn forest or park on warm fall day. With hats and scarfs

Paper bags decorated with bows, jingle bells and candy canes make wonderful gift bags. Fill them with small gifts, tape them shut and set them under the tree. Kids really enjoy this craft.

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