Snowflakes falling on your cheeks and cold breezes lifting your hair – winter has arrived. It will make the landscape look pure and clean and somehow new. However, it will not be so kind to your skin. Bitter wind will sting your cheeks and chap your lips. Delicate skin on your hands will dry out and crack open. In extreme conditions, you could even experience frostbite on your extremities and facial area.

To combat the effects of the harsh wind, dry heat and nasty weather try a few of these tips:

Use a humidifier in your home. Dry heat will be moisturized by the water vapour added to the air. Your skin will be able to refrain from drying out as quickly.

Use high-quality lotion. Forgo nice scents in favour of thick, long-lasting lotions. You want a barrier to keep moisture in the skin and dryness out. Your skin is your first layer of defense against germs and bacteria. Keep it in optimal condition for your health.

Before going out, protect your face with sunscreen. Yes, even in winter, the sun and wind can burn your skin. Don’t forget your lips! They can burn as well.

Use lip balm to keep your lips from splitting and getting chapped. Beeswax is a natural way to protect your lips. It also contains properties to protect your lips from bacteria.
The cold weather may tempt you to take hot showers. However, hot water will actually dry out your skin. Opt for slightly warm showers instead.

Before you get out of the shower, spread coconut oil all over your body. This natural remedy protects and softens skin, and also has antibiotic properties to keep your skin healthy.

With an ounce of prevention, your skin can survive winter’s assault.

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