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Cabin, cottage, vacation home. Whatever you call yours, you know how much you and your family love your oasis in the country. It provides a welcoming haven to kick back and relax, away from the hustle and bustle of your normal everyday life. But your second home also comes with added responsibility.

When a vacation home is unoccupied for any length of time, it risks becoming a major temptation for burglars. Criminals are always on the lookout for places to rob that appear unprotected and unoccupied.

The very first line of defence in your battle to help deter burglars is to always ensure your cottage appears occupied, even when you’re not there. Setting up a timer to schedule your lights to go on and off in your absence is a step in the right direction. But if burglars are eyeing your vacation home, they’ll easily spot the regularity of
this simple solution.

Take the protection of your property to the next level with a monitored security system, so that if a break-in does occur, an alarm sounds and you are notified immediately by your security company.

ADT Canada’s home security systems are user-friendly and affordable at less than $1.50* a day. You can also add interactive remote lighting that is so simple to install, anyone can do it.

Imagine being able to activate your cottage lights from your smartphone, tablet or web-enabled computer, from wherever you are and whenever you wish…

  •  You’re heading off to the cottage after a hectic week. Before you leave your office, you can set your lights from your smartphone so that your lights are on and you arrive at a well-lit, inviting cottage.
  • Delayed in getting to the cottage? Don’t keep your precious retreat in the dark! Switching up your schedule at any time is easy and as close as your smartphone. Give the appearance that someone is there by setting your lights to go on at different times.
  • You can also automate small appliances, such as a radio, to come on for a short period of time using your remote lighting control. Sound will help deter burglars who will think that someone is there.
  • You can even automate your lights to come on if ever your security system alarm is triggered, which often is all that is needed to help keep intruders away.

When you schedule smart remote lighting, by all appearances, your holiday home can look like a buzzing hive of activity, even when it’s empty. You can’t always be at your cottage, but when you’re not, ADT Canada will watch over it with 24/7 monitoring. For more info on an affordable, smart home security system from Canada’s #1 home security provider, contact 888.ADT.ASAP for your FREE quote.

*Requires 36-month monitoring contract starting at $42.99. Early termination fee applies. See important Terms and Price here.


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