With the arctic cold just starting to let up in eastern Canada, and blossoms already in bloom in BC, there is no doubt that this winter has been full of ups and downs.  However with March break on the horizon, it’s a clear sign that spring is around the corner for everyone. Some of our smaller cities go to great lengths to make sure you and your family are well entertained for the week, and beside the usual attractions, they host special March Break activities that are sure to be crowd-pleasers.


Halifax is filled with maritime history, and this March Break, there are enough activities to make this week go down in your family’s history. The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is hosting a number of hands-on events like building model frigates and other navel ships out of recycled materials. You can also join their crew as they explore the rich pirate history of Nova Scotia, travelling along for a life at sea while learning about pirate navigation tools and weapons.

You’ll also want to visit The Discovery Centre and take part in fantastic science demonstrations; enjoy hi-def films and a spectacular LEGO exhibit. Be sure to drop in on their chemistry workshop titled “Yuck and Other Stuff”; it’s sure to have the kids fascinated.


If you’re in the Ottawa area with kids, be sure to visit the Aviation and Space Museum to learn how helicopters fly. There will be demonstrations and workshops on these whirling, hovering machines, and special tours of the Museum’s helicopter collection.

The Museum is also hosting their 23rd annual LEGO contest. Bring in your aviation-inspired creations made of LEGO for the chance to win some awesome prizes. Or spend some time discovering outer space with their Zoom to the Moon! Program where you can try on a spacesuit and blast off in your “space box” to see the stars!

When you’ve had your fill of all things aviation, grab your skates and head to the famous Rideau Canal Skateway, the world’s largest skating rink, and skate the 7.8 kilometres, taking hot chocolate breaks along the way. With no signs of spring yet in the air, this might be the last chance to participate in one of Canada’s most memorable winter highlights.


Now we know that spending a week off of school at the library doesn’t sound like much fun to kids, but the Winnipeg Public Library is branching out this March break from just books. There will be activities for all ages that include music, crafts, creative writing, and workshops on everything from collages to jewelry making. And with specific programs aimed at kids, tweens and teens, there will definitely be something for to please even the most discerning child.

One of the most exciting exhibits to visit Winnipeg in the last 45 years has just made its debut at the Manitoba Museum. “Real Pirates” tells the true story of the Whydah — a real pirate ship that sank off the coast of Cape Cod nearly 300 years ago — and showcases treasure chests of coins and gold, jewelry, weaponry such as cannons, pistols, and knives, and a replica of the actual ship that visitors can board.

Visit the recently renovated Children’s Museum, and take advantage of their daily theme with special guests and activities taking place daily between 11am and 3pm. There will be magicians, artists, exotic animals, and musicians through the week to keep your little ones entertained.


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