Did you know that Canada is an immensely popular place for filmmakers to shoot their movies? You have probably walked through a former movie set without even knowing it! From the busy streets of Montréal to remote location in the Canadian Rockies, Canada has served as a beautiful backdrop to many movies of every genre. Curious which Canadian destinations have been filmed the most? Keep reading!


The Vancouver Area. Vancouver wins the prize for the most-filmed location in Canada! Over 400 films feature this city. The most famous movies shot in Vancouver belong to the Twilight saga – Forks High School is filmed in a real Vancouver school. Another high school drama shot in Vancouver is Juno, the touching story of a pregnant teen with a big decision. A few other films with scenes in Vancouver include 21 Jump Street, 50 Shades of Gray, Cats & Dogs, Elf, the Percy Jackson movies, and X-Files.


The Greater Toronto Area. Southern Ontario has been the setting of a whole lot of movies! Toronto itself has been the setting of a handful of films. Most of them are pretty creepy, including Dead Ringers and Devil; however, less frightening films have also been shot here. Good Will Hunting was partially filmed in the University of Toronto, rather than Harvard itself. Mean Girls was also filmed in Toronto, as was The Incredible Hulk. Even My Big Fat Greek Wedding had a few scenes here! Ironically, the musical Chicago was not actually shot in Chicago, but rather Toronto. And of course, we can’t forget about The Day After Tomorrow.


Montréal. Montréal hasn’t been the setting of many blockbusters, but is a very popular film location nonetheless. In fact, over 200 films have been shot at least partially in the Montréal area! Some you might recognize are Batman and Robin, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Life of Pi, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, and The Notebook.


Calgary and its surroundings. The ever-popular comedy Cool Runnings takes place in and was shot in Calgary. This is the most obvious Calgary film, but it’s not the only one. Superman II was also filmed here, in addition to a whole slew of films that are probably only remembered by movie aficionados. Not too far from Calgary, Inception and The Revenant were shot in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Alberta has also been the dramatic backdrop of Below Zero, the Bourne Legacy, and Interstellar.

Fun Fact: Halifax, Nova Scotia hasn’t been the setting for many movies, but it is famous for being the site of both the real Titanic tragedy and the movie version.

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