A new way to find vacation rentals from CanadaStays.com: you tell us your favourite activities and we’ll tell you the best places to rent.

Most Canadian cottage and vacation rental destinations are not household names. As such, many travelers who want to rent a cottage have no idea where to begin their search! To make the task of finding the perfect cottage rental easier, we have organized all the cottage country regions in Canada according to the activities you can do there. So, all you have to do is tell us what you like to do and we’ll tell you the best places to go!

Travelers can access the Activity Search via the homepage:

Vacation rentals in canada

Or via our new Map Search:

canada vacation rentals


When you find a region that is a match, click “Explore This Region” to learn about the destination and find a rental:

canada vacation rentals


Now go have some fun using the tool and discover destinations and cottage rentals you wouldn’t otherwise find…

Happy renting!


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