We’re almost a month into the new year: are you honoring your de-stressing and nest-egging resolutions? With CanadaStays.com Auctions you can name the price of your vacation, which means you can treat yourself to some well-earned rest and relaxation while keeping travel costs under control. Think of CanadaStays.com as your 2012 fairy godmother…resolutions really do come true.

What amount of rest and relaxation is required to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul? A 60 minute massage is undeniably blissful, but does an hour long rub down deliver long-lasting revitalization? And, it goes without saying that a two week trip to tropical paradise is the mother of all mental repose, but by breaking the bank are you setting yourself up for the post-vacation blues? What is the sweet spot between spending and sojourning?

Heading to a holiday rental in cottage country is a very good way to go, as they offer the creme-de-la-creme of tranquility and hospitality at an unparalleled price point. If 2012 is your year of saving and de-stressing, here is why holiday rentals are for you:

  • Drive to Your Destination: cottage country destinations are often accessible by car, meaning you can forget about plane tickets, baggage fees, and a cab to and from the airport.  By vacationing in your ‘backyard’ you can bring the price of your trip way down.
  • Grocery Shop Your Way to Savings: almost all holiday rentals have an en suite kitchen so you can cook up a storm and cut out pricey (and fattening) restaurant meals.
  • Have A Say in What You Pay: with Auctions, you can name the price of your vacation, saving up to 50% off the normal price. Bid now and lock down some leisure time.
  • Real Deal Relaxation: cottage country is the epitome of peace on Earth – even a weekend stay will leave you feeling refreshed and recharged
So, hang loose and save loot.  You owe it to yourself.

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