Vacation season is relaxation season. And what would a relaxing weekend in a cottage be without a few good cocktails? If you’re a cocktail fan hoping for something new to try, look no further. Here are a few of our favourite cottage cocktails from around the internet! If you have a great cocktail for cottaging, share it with us in the comments!


Ginger-Peach Soda. Summer brings peaches, especially in southern Canada. If you have more peaches than you know what to do with, why not add a good cocktail to your usual peach cobbler and peach muffins? This recipe combines mint, ginger, peach, and seltzer for the perfect sweet summer drink.


Rosé Sorbet. Be classy and drink classy! This awesome cocktail from Delish is as pretty as it is tasty. Enjoy a sweet rosé drink accented with fresh strawberries and raspberries. Nothing says “summer” like berries!


Sunset Punch. If you need a cool drink for a hot summer barbecue, this is a great crowd-pleasing cocktail. It has a bourbon base and a fresh lemon flavour. Don’t skip the lemon slice garnish! A fun presentation makes this drink even better. Visit Food & Wine for the recipe.


Plum-Cherry Ice Pops. Popsicles may be for the kids, but this drink is certainly all-adult. This cool cocktail takes a little worthwhile advance planning. You begin by creating your own ice pops using various fruits and sugar. Once the pops are frozen, you dunk them in a glass of champagne! It’s like your childhood summers, but fizzier.


Michelada. This is a great cocktail to make if you’re trying to convince your beer-loving friends to branch out. It’s a great barbecue drink, and it goes well with burgers and steaks. With ingredients like beer and hot sauce in the mix, it’s certainly not your typical fruity summer drink! Learn how to make it on Epicurious.


Pink Bikini. This super-easy cocktail has incredible aesthetic appeal—especially served in a coconut shell! Get fancy with the presentation after mixing this simple drink. All you’ll need is some lemonade, coconut rum, and amaretto liqueur.


Mango Jalapeno Margaritas. If the summer sun isn’t hot enough for you, maybe this spicy cocktail will be! If you love margaritas and spicy food, this just might be for you. Mix the sweetness of mangos with the heat of peppers for a perfect hot drink!


Grass is Greener. If it’s green, it must be good for you … right? Well, maybe not. Still, this cocktail is a little closer than most other drinks you’ll find. Made with a quick mix of wheatgrass, agave nectar, citron, and mint leaves, you’ll be Instagramming your summer sipper in no time. Find out the directions here, on Marie Claire.

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