Is your vacation property protected against a mosquito invasion? While a vacation in the mountains or on the lakes of Canada can provide a most welcome escape from the daily grind, you may not be able to escape the threat posed by bloodsucking mosquitoes. These annoying and disease-carrying insects can be found everywhere and can quickly turn a much-anticipated vacation into a pesky nightmare. Taking a few essential steps to mosquito-proof your property can decrease the mosquito population and increase your chances of having a relaxing and enjoyable adventure.

Remove standing water – Mosquitoes need access to standing or stagnant water to breed, and even a one-inch-deep puddle can suffice. That means you have to remember to look at old tires, buckets, clogged rain gutters, birdbaths, wading pools, drainage ditches, pets’ water dishes and wheel barrows. By properly maintaining and/or eliminating these potential mosquito breeding grounds, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of an infestation.

Keep swimming pools clean – While swimming pools meet the definition of standing water, keeping them cleaned and chlorinated will make them less appealing to mosquitoes. If you use a cover for your pool, be sure to drain any accumulated water, especially after a rainstorm.

Keep grass cut short – If you’re responsible for maintaining your property’s lawn, be sure to keep the grass cut short at all times. Tall grass and weeds can hold moisture that is attractive to mosquitoes and provide them with a hiding place during the daytime hours when they are looking for a place to rest and escape the bright sunshine. Regularly trim all shrubs and vegetation to prevent overgrowth.

Check your screens – Tightly sealed insect screens on doors, window and porches can prevent mosquitoes from entering the home. However, even a tiny hole or tear can provide all the space mosquitoes need to get inside. Check your screens regularly for possible breeches, and promptly repair or replace any damaged screens.

Use LED lighting – You might think that using LED lighting to repel mosquitoes is counterintuitive given how much insects tend to gather around lighting. But it’s not the light they are attracted to – it’s the heat they emit. LED lights are much cooler so they won’t lure mosquitoes the same way that traditional lighting does.

Burn citronella candles – Citronella oil contains some mosquito-repelling properties, so burning citronella candles can offer a certain measure of mosquito protection. For best results, burn several candles that are placed closely together in an area where people gather outdoors such as a porch or patio.

Get the property owner and neighbors involved – If you are renting your vacation property, find out what, if any, mosquito control measures the owner plans to implement during your stay. It may even be worth your while to volunteer to take on some of the maintenance duties such as cutting grass and trimming shrubs in exchange for a reduction in your rent. If your property adjoins another, discuss mosquito prevention techniques with the owner or renter.

Install a mosquito trap – An effective mosquito trap can help reduce the mosquito population without having to resort to using potentially harmful chemicals or pesticides. A Mosquito Magnet® trap can disrupt the mosquitoes’ breeding cycle by luring and killing these pests instead of temporarily repelling them. To ensure maximum effectiveness, the trap should be installed when the temperature consistently rises above 50°F (10°C) and remain in continuous operation throughout the season.


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