It’s the ‘little things in life’ that make all the difference and this proverb rings incredibly true in the case of vacation rentals! Impress your guests and make them repeat customers by making their stay as memorable and relaxed as possible. By using these simple tips you’re guaranteed to knock their socks off and have them writing rave reviews about your rental.

Tips and Tricks: How to Wow Your Guests

  • Make your space spotless. There is nothing worse than staying in someone else’s dirt so scrub every square inch until it shines. This can make or break someone’s experience and your guests will be more likely to leave your place the way they found it – squeaky clean!
  • Indulge in luxury items. Why not splurge a little on a cozy duvet or big fluffy white towels for your guests. Include new soap, small toiletries or everyday items that they may have forgotten. Not only will this upgrade the appearance of your rooms but will give guests a relaxing experience that they will never forget.
  • Welcome your guests. Prepare a Welcome Basket to greet your guests including important information/cottage manual, contact information along with other goodies such as premium coffee, a bottle of wine, a deck of cards or a scented candle. If you know that children or pets will be arriving as well consider putting a little something together for them  to enjoy as well.
  • Provide suggestions for activities. Guests are sure to remember a weekend filled with fun so collect a few brochures for local sightseeing opportunities or activities that they may want to do. Pick up a few board games, decks of cards, family-friendly DVDs or novels so your guests will never be bored, even if the weather doesn’t co-operate.

Remember that a little effort goes a long way! Happy Renting!


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