You can have the greatest property available for rent on the face of the planet, but if no one knows about it then it doesn’t matter! This installment of Rentals 101 is a crash course in using online marketing to effectively connect with travelers.Marketing is as integral to the rental process as property maintenance, and as travelers increasingly use online resources to book accommodations, property owners need to adapt their marketing strategies.

In the past, publishing a classified ad in the local newspaper may have been considered a viable strategy for marketing to travelers; today, however, holiday makers rely heavily on online resources. If you want to rent out your vacation property, you must secure an online presence. With online advertising you will not only connect with a larger audience of travelers, but you’ll connect more effectively with travelers by conforming to their search behavior and delivering information to their fingertips.

Engaging in online marketing does not mean you have to build your own custom website. Designing, building, maintaining and hosting a website is extremely expensive and time-consuming. Instead, for a nominal fee, you can list your property on a holiday rental website, such as, which not only builds and hosts a custom listing page for your property but also offers a suite of indispensable services and tools to help homeowners market, manage and monetize their property. Tools include an availability calendar, a reservation management system, a free merchant account for accepting payments, and more.

An important aspect of online marketing is search optimization, which is a fancy way of saying “making sure travelers can find your listing” in the vast internet abyss. Search optimization is critical to the success of your online marketing campaign, but executing your own optimization campaign can be will be cumbersome.  This is another instance where listing with a holiday rental listing site is extremely advantageous.  Firstly, it’s easier for travelers to find your property on a holiday rental website than through a search engine. Second, well-established holiday rental sites carry out optimization efforts on your behalf.  For example, has digital partnerships and an in-house e-marketing team that ensure your rental is easily searchable and findable across the internet.

It is important to regularly revisit your listing to be sure everything is high quality and up to date.  If you have renovated your property, if there are seasonal specifications, or if you want to run a last minute promotion, update potential renters! When listing on a holiday rental website you will have a user dashboard from which you can edit your listing whenever you want so you can control your communication with travelers. This content management feature is another advantage of listing with a holiday rental website, as the ability to access and update information and visuals is critical when running your own rental business.

There is a science to setting the ‘right’ rental rate, and if your rates are too high you run the risk of pricing yourself out of the market.

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