Whether you’re listing a house with the MLS, selling a car on eBay, or creating a profile on a dating site, image is everything. The internet has created all kinds of new opportunities for accessing goods and services and when it comes to making a purchasing decision, it’s pictures that make or break the deal…

However, just because we have the opportunity to do business with fellow individuals instead of businesses doesn’t mean professional principles are obsolete. You have to package your product nicely!  To prove this point, here are some rhetorical “would you rather” scenarios to ruminate on:

Would You Rather:

Vacation Rental Bedroom


Would You Rather:



Would You Rather:

Vacation Rental Kitchen


It’s up to you whether your home has star-power: just like with any online sales opportunity, high-quality clutter-free images are the key to oohs, aahs, and inquiries.  Alternatively, if you choose to represent your property with dull and disorderly images, you won’t stand out from the crowd (or if you do, it will be in a bad way).

picture perfect


So, say goodbye to blurry thumbnails and say hello to staged photos.  You don’t need a professional camera or crew, you just need to have energy and enthusiasm for running a great rental enterprise! Clean up your act and make your listing shine.

Don’t know how to upload new photos to your listing? Click here.


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