Cottage season is here and you know what that means – lots of travelers looking to rent out your piece of paradise. As you prepare to open up your home to guests, make sure you’ve completed the following to-do list!


  1. Talk to your guests before they arrive. Give them a call or send them an e-mail well in advance to answer any of their last-minute questions, go over directions/instructions or expectations.
  2. Give your guests an inventory of appliances, food basics, kitchen and cleaning supplies that you will leave for them to use. Then, make sure you clearly communicate what is not available and what essentials they should bring!
  3. Welcome your guests when they arrive, either in person or with a welcome letter or basket. In addition, make sure you create a good atmosphere for your guests upon their arrival. For example, if they are set to get there at night, make sure exterior and interior lights are on so they can find their way.
  4. Make sure you live up to your promises. If you told your guests there would be an available hottub, turn it on and turn it up before their arrival.
  5. Keep your listing up to date. For example, if you recently renovated or changed anything, let your guests know!
You can also check out our Rental Handbook for a more guidance!

Carrying out the above due diligence reassures guests that their visit is off to a good start and makes it more likely that you won’t be receiving thousands of calls during their stay with further questions!

Final Step: follow-up with your guests after their departure. You can figure out if there is any damage that needs to be repaired, what supplies need to be restocked and most importantly how their stay was!


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