Renting your cottage is a great way to make use of it when you can’t be there and, of course, to earn some extra income. Here’s a checklist of some of the most important things you need to do and/or consider before renting your property.

Cottage Owners Checklist – Things all Cottage Owners should know when renting your cottage

1. Devise a security deposit in case something goes wrong, or in case more cleaning needs to be done when guests leave.

2. Pets – how many are renters allowed to bring? And, what kind? How big? Any Pictures?

3. What are the check-in and check-out procedures including check in and out times.

4. Do you have good directions to the cottage to offer your renters? Can you send them a map?

5. Devise a rental agreement – complete with cottage rules.

6. Create a manual to place on the cottage premises explaining how things work – including cleaning and garbage instructions, safety, barbecue, lighting, shower, water system, boating.

7. Swimming tips – Is the water shallow? Diving, or no diving?

8. Other helpful tips: nearby grocery stores; must-see attractions; good restaurants or movie theatres, etc..

9. Ask renters to leave the cottage keys in a safe place.

10. Lock doors that you don’t want opened.

11. Smoking rules should be clearly demarcated.

12. Be sure to speak to your renters at least once by phone instead of relying solely on email.

13. Make your renters feel at home by leaving them a welcome note for when they arrive.

14. Payment – get an email transfer, cash, or make sure the check clears prior to renters’ arrival.

We hope this checklist helps ease your mind when renting your cottage. Good luck!


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