They say size doesn’t matter, but what if we told you you could get a 2,000 square foot home (yes, an entire house) for half of what you normally pay for a hotel room?  Holiday rentals are an average of 5X larger and half as expensive as hotel rooms, and not only is the cost leaner, but the choice is greener.

Canadians, let your love affair with holiday rentals begin. 

The Reality of Holiday Rentals:

  • Great value
  • Space, freedom and privacy: forget the cramped and claustrophobic hotel environment
  • Above-average amenities: can you say private pool and free wifi?
  • Full kitchen: eat what you want, when you want, and savor the savings you gain from not eating every meal at a restaurant
  • No hidden fees
  • There are great destinations in our backyard: many destinations are within driving distance, meaning you can cut travel costs associated with airfare
  • Holiday rentals in cottage country give travelers a chance to connect with and kick back in nature
  • Many holiday rentals are pet-friendly!

Holiday rentals, will you accept this rose?


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