Just a touch of sunshine, a little hint of warmer air and melting snow are all the encouragement a little seed needs. Under the ice, spring is waiting. As soon as the weather warms people will be emerging from their homes, getting active after a long winter’s nap. May long weekend is drawing near, so why not beat the crowds by making your spring bucket list now?

Take a trip to Vancouver in late March or early April to see the cherry blossoms as they bloom. Beautiful pink and white blossoms cause crowds to gather in the parks, on the sidewalks and throughout the city. The warmth of the blossoms seems to spread to the people, who smile and make conversations with total strangers.

In Ontario, families can gather to watch sap being turned to liquid gold as the sugaring-off begins. Maple syrup is made in many provinces. Learn how the sap is collected. Watch as it is goes to the sugar shacks to be boiled. Finally, sample some of the sweet syrup on pancakes or make some maple candy in the snow. There are plenty of festivals associated with the process in spring, too.

Grab a light jacket and your poles and enjoy some spring skiing. The weather is warm, the snow is still great – especially in the higher altitudes – and the ticket rates are down in April and May. Enjoy the warm sunshine which is a perfect contrast to the white fluffy snow.

Take a hike. Provincial parks are coming alive. Animals are emerging from winter dens. The snow-fed streams are deep and swift. Watch the wildlife and see the birds return from their winter homes. The green of leaves, blues of the waters and fresh air will have you feeling invigorated.

Spring is finally here. Family time, good food and friends are irreplaceable. So why not take the time to enjoy that this time of year and embrace the spring? Plan your escape and rent a cottage in the Huntsville or even try renting a vacation rental in Ottawa. Your family will love it. No matter where you choose to go, CanadaStays can help you find something to suit every family and any budget.

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