Suggested props: Fruit bowl; Fresh flowers; Bottle of wine & 2 glasses; Recipe book & stand; Decorative bottles

Clear and clean all countertops

Remove magnets , cards & notes from the refrigerator

Remove all items from top of fridge and cupboards

Put away dog bowls and remove trash cans from sight

Put away all small appliances – kettle, coffee maker, blender etc.

Do not leave dish towels in sight

Clean and polish tiles surfaces

Ensure sink and draining area is clean – remove dish soap and cloths

Clean stove top thoroughly

Switch on under-counter lighting


Images should suggest comfort

Suggested props: Picture above bed head; Fresh or dried flowers; throw cushions

Remove all personal items including family photos

Declutter dressers and side tables

Ensure matching lamps on side tables – both sides of doubles, queen & king

Make beds up with attractive (matching)linens plus pillows and additional cushions

Use bed skirts to cover box spring and frames

Switch on bedside lamps

No soft or plush toys in any other than children’s bedrooms

Living/Dining Areas

Promote feelings of warmth and comfort for winter shots; lighter and brighter images for a cooler summer feel

Suggested props: Large vases with tall twigs; Bowls with decorative items; Contemporary prints

Replace old sofa and chairs, or use slipcovers

Arrange furniture to create conversation areas

Use rugs for added colour and interest

Light a fire or woodstove to get images of the visible flame

Tidy bookcases, games cabinets

Tidy cables from entertainment systems

Remove all but one or two decorative items from mantels

Use green plants to brighten dull corners

Lay dining table with plates, glasses, bread basket etc

Switch on side lamps

Remove animal artifacts – skulls, trophy heads, bear skins etc

Avoid too much cottage kitsch

Add contemporary accents – large vases with tall twigs look good in bare corners


Suggested props: Fresh or dried flowers; fluffy towels; basket of toiletries

Clean and polish all tiled surfaces

Ensure taps are sparkling clean

If toilet is included in a shot, put seat down

Remove all personal items

Clean mirrors

Remove trash can


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