We bought our cottage just last winter. To us it’s been a winter wonderland- a welcome escape from the slushy, grey urban landscape. So we never expected spring to be this good.

While we’ve been warned about the black flies (coming in the next few weeks), no one prepared us for the beauty of the freshly-thawed lake, jet skis or sunset drinks on the dock – in May. It was all totally unexpected.

We’ve even had to cancel weekend plans we’d made for May because these spring days in cottage country are a gift.

Last weekend we filled our days with outdoor fun by the water. The kids played soccer and took their shoes off so they could pad their little feet along the wet sand. The water was frigid, but that didn’t deter the dog from jumping in (and swimming right back to shore).

We went for long walks and enjoyed babbling brooks and waterfalls – the stunning product of melting snow across the hills. And, of course, we took lots of pictures. We filled the evenings with a family barbecue, rented movies and went to bed early – we were tired!

Yes, it’s been a great surprise to discover summer arrives early in cottage country…

Yet maybe what we really discovered is that spring in cottage country is awesome.

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