How To Make Your Own Board Game

One of the wonderful things about cottaging in Fall and Winter is that you can spend all day outdoors in the crisp air, hiking, skiing, icefishing, or snowboarding, without overheating or being swarmed by insects. However, there are days that are too rainy, too snowy, or just plain uninviting to spend outside. Cozy up indoors with the family and spend a fun afternoon creating your own personal boardgame. Draw the board, make the rules, and before you know it, you’ve created cottage memories as well as a new family game.

Top 10 Rainy Day Cottage Activities

Uh oh! You’ve planned and prepped and packed for a wonderful outdoorsy cottage getaway filled to the brim with hiking and Vitamin D, but now that it’s here the only thing you’re getting your fill of is rain. Luckily, armed with these 10 rainy day cottage activities, you and you family can easily avoid cabin (and cottage) fever.

Top 10 Water Activities At The Lake

“Must… have…. lake…” is not an uncommon phrase to have running through your mind when booking a cottage in the summertime. Finding a lake-side cottage is only the start, though; once you’ve arrived at your idyllic cottage getaway and can see sparkling waters beaming back at you from just a short distance away, the real fun begins. Fit in a few — or all — of these 10 water activities at the lake and your vacation will be relaxing and rejuvenating alike.