10 Rainy day activities for the cottage

Looking for fun rainy day activities while on vacation? A rainy day at the cottage can put a damper on any sunny lake day plans you had. Luckily we have 10 easy, rainy day activities for you and your family to avoid cabin (and cottage) fever.

1. Scavenger hunt or escape rooms

indoor activities for families don't have to be boring
cute kids playing treasure hunt with map on porch

This is a fun indoor activity for kids to take part in and adults to prepare. Write a list of items in the cottage for kids to find. Don’t have readers yet? Include drawings or download and print already-made scavenger hunt lists with drawings. First one to complete the list is the winner!

If your rainy day crowd is over 10 years old, upgrade your scavenger hunt experience by including riddles and challenges around the cottage. Not challenging enough? DIY an escape room adventure. While this might require more preparation, It’s one of the best ways to bring up the team spirit during a gloomy day. Form groups to compete for the best escape room experience. There are tons of online resources on how to make puzzles at home, the possibilities are endless!

2. Presentation Party

looking for rainy day activities for kids
while on vacation?

Ask everyone to prepare a 3-5 minute lecture on something they are passionate about. Set a time and day for everyone to present. It doesn’t have to be a serious topic, the goal is to have fun!

We love this TikTok trend that’s much more than that. Not only do you get to learn about something your friend or family member loves, but it’s also a great exercise for the younger ones to get started on public speaking and practice their Powerpoint skills. It’s also a great idea for those looking for free indoor activities for kids. All you need is a computer or a phone. Don’t have Powerpoint? Google Slides is free to use, has the same functions and it is mobile friendly. If you are in a remote area and technology is just not an option, go old school and make hand made slides.

3. Taste Test

Taste test are a fun rainy day activities for 1 year old kids and up

One of the most fun indoor games for kids and adults! Taking it in turns, blindfold one person and give them a tiny taste of something from the kitchen. Can they guess what it is?

If your group has only adults, make it more challenging by adding interesting (and not necessarily pleasant) food combinations, but remember to play fair! No feeding someone a whole habanero pepper, and make sure you know of any allergies before the game starts.

4. Board Games

playing boardgames is one of the many fun indoor activities for adults and kids we love

Sure, playing board games on a rainy day may seem old hat, but have you tried making your own board game? Sometimes creating your own game and rules is even more fun than playing it later. That said, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, and Settlers of Catan are always good to have on hand, just take a look at our top games to play at the cottage.

5. Tent Picnic

Making a blanket fort is one of the most fun indoor activities for kids at home

Finding things to do with a toddler on a rainy day can be challenging especially when all they want to do is go outside. Bring the camping experience inside by setting up a tent in the family room and inviting everyone (who can fit) inside for an indoor picnic. Lay out a rug, prep some bread, cheese, hot dogs, and something sweet to finish (have you tried making s’mores in the oven?), and you’ve got yourself one lovely indoor picnic.

6. Start a band

learning an instrument is always a great idea for indoor fun for kids especially if you are looking for rainy day activities

Now, we don’t necessarily mean a real band, because we know getting all the instruments can be a hassle. But how about a band with homemade instruments? Some easy to make instruments include empty container drums, cardboard guitars, some plastic bottle maracas or any other object that can make a sound is good, let your imagination run wild.

With your instruments in place is time to start the indoor fun! Give your band a name, and some matching outfits, learn a simple song and voilà, you have a band.

If making instruments sounds like too much work try some karaoke at home. We recommend getting a bluetooth microphone with integrated speakers for the best sound experience but if you don’t have one on hand your natural voice should suffice. Youtube has melodies for virtually any song you’d like, choose your song and get ready for an epic family jam session.

7. Learn a dance

move your body with this active indoor activities for adults and kids on a rainy day

For all your kinaesthetic learners at home that can’t stay still for a second, this fun rainy day activity is for them. Every year there’s a song everyone’s playing and along comes some dance moves. A fun way to get physically active while at home is dancing! And now with social media sites like Tiktok encouraging creativity with 15 second music videos it’s never been easier to learn a short dance. Go on Youtube and search for choreography tutorials. If you are good with moves you can also create your own.

Another fun part about this is show time. Get costumes, make up or coordinated outfits for the final dance. Take it to the next level by designing a set and putting up a show for everyone at home.

8. Build an obstacle course

Get your little ones moving with these activities for toddlers at home

This is seriously one of the best active indoor activities for adults and of course kids, you’ll have so much fun setting up the obstacles as well as completing the course. If you have more than 3 people it’s best getting into groups and turn it into a tournament for more hours of fun.

With some imagination, It’s very easy to set up things that you have at home and think of challenges for participants to complete. A classic one is “floor is lava”. Kids love it and most importantly they burn a ton of energy and practice a combination of coordination and physical skills.

One tip for playing this with really young children is to make sure there are no rough edges or corners near the props to prevent injuries. To make it more competitive have a stopwatch and some whistles – they are also great for motivation. You can make it as challenging as you want or add intensity variations to accommodate all ages.

9. Bake

Baking is one of the best home rainy day activities for kids since the whole family gets to participate

Few indoor activities can bring the family together better than food. Especially baking, whether it’s sourcing the ingredients or decorating the goods, baking brings families together. While-away a few hours in the kitchen with the kids to create something sweet from scratch.

Recipes like Brownies and blondies can be made in one bowl, cookies take only 10 minutes to cook, and pies, while requiring a little more kitchen prowess, are the quintessential summer dessert. (P.S. If you missed breakfast, check out these quick cottage breakfast classics to go with your bakes.)

10. Craft

Need ideas for rainy day activities? How about trying some crafting projects

Crafting is an excellent activity to do on a rainy day for adults and kids alike. Not only will you have the satisfaction of having made something with your own hands but it’s also a great opportunity for parents and kids to bond.

There are millions of online resources to craft anything and everything you can imagine. Our favourite source is Pinterest, especially when you have limited resources, Pinterest has tons  of DIY ideas with materials you can find at home.

One easy project all kids enjoy doing is collaging. Take a stack of magazines along with scissors, glue, poster board, and additional fun craft supplies like glitter and paint. Create a “Dream Board” with inspirational pictures and words, you can add a theme or freestyle and let the creative juices flow. 

With these rainy day activities,  there’s no excuse for a cloudy day to ruin the cottage fun. As always, the most important thing to remember is to have fun and enjoy the company.