Winter Events In Cottage Country

If you thought cottage season was only in the summer, think again!  With festivals and events going on from coast to coast, cottage country is very much alive all winter long.

Accommodations For NordicFest

As one of Canada’s top ski resorts, Blue Mountain will be hosting the upcoming NordicFest and offers a variety of unique accommodation options.

NordicFest & Blue Mountain Chalet Rentals

If you want to hit the winter trails, make sure to head down to Blue Mountain on February 2nd  – NordicFest, Ontario’s cross country ski and snowshoe festival, is back!

Niagara Bed & Breakfasts

Niagara’s bed and breakfasts are among the best in the world, making Niagara Falls and Niagara On The Lake two of the most popular cottage country destinations in Canada.