What comes to mind when you think of things to do in Mont-Tremblant? Since it’s home to one of Canada’s best-known ski resorts, you will probably think of lots of snow, slopes that are perfect for winter sports and a charming vacation spot to relax after laying off your ski gear.

But this town spiked in the Laurentian Mountains, northwest of Montréal, is far more than that. Mont-Tremblant is a great destination for all kinds of visitors all year round.

Of all the 5 districts of Mont-Tremblant, Tremblant Resort is the most sought-after, gathering skiers and snowboarders from all over the world. It’s the favorite destination for those in search of some thrills at the highest peak in the Laurentians. Apart from its appealing slopes, the Resort offers its visitors touring trails, public events all day, gourmet restaurants and bars surrounded by fantastic natural scenery.

For a wilder experience, the Mont-Tremblant National Park – one of the 5 districts, and Québec’s largest park – is an impressive natural wonder, within about a 30-minute drive from Tremblant Resort. Going there for water sports, hiking and cross-country skiing are among the best things to do in Mont-Tremblant.

Domaine Saint-Bernard is another great nature refuge for visitors. Located in the heart of Mont-Tremblant, this district is an 11,500-acre ecotourism park, perfect for hikes, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the midst of a beautiful, pristine environment.

Downtown Mont-Tremblant and the Village are the last two districts, serving a more urban landscape to visitors. Downtown is full of antique shops, bistros, restaurants and one ancestral church that enchants many tourists. The nearby village has a wide range of cultural activities, shops, restaurants, and cafés – all set within an authentic décor. An old train station transformed into an exhibition center and a theatre located inside a church are two great stops there.

When to go

Mont tremblant is a four season destination perfect for family getaways

Winters in Mont-Tremblant are frigid and snowy, with an average minimum temperature of -18°C in January and February, and with 12 days of snowfall per month. That’s why winter sports are among the best things to do in Mont-Tremblant – especially skiing and snowboarding, along with ice skating, snow tubing, snowshoeing, and more. Official ski season normally goes from late November to mid-late April.

Spring is also ski time in Mont-Tremblant – the season usually closes by early-mid April, when the average minimum temperature is still at -3°C. But the warmer temperatures invite visitors to enjoy some time in the open air, warming in the sun in the après-ski.

The Summer in Mont-Tremblant is long and pleasant, with average highs of 25°C in July and August, and staying within the 20°C range until September. It makes the area perfect for sports and outdoor activities like golfing and going to the beach, as well as hiking, cycling, and canoeing in the near forests. The summer season peak goes from late June to late August, when the music festivals are also an attraction.

Fall in Mont-Tremblant kicks in by mid to late September, and the average maximum temperatures around this time don’t usually go above 15°C. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some hiking in nature during the day, taking in the fall colours, and warming up by the fire in the evening, having a comforting dinner or going to a pub.

What to do


Without a doubt Mont Tremblant in the winter is a great family- friendly destination

Because of the heavy winter snow in the Laurentians, winter sports are higher up in the list of things to do in Mont-Tremblant. Actually, it is one of the best places to ski and snowboard in Canada. Its highest peak is Tremblant: with a summit sitting at 875 meters (2,871 feet), it is the main ski resort in eastern North America. Tremblant provides skiers and snowboarders of all levels a breathtaking view of the Laurentians while speeding down its 102 trails on 4 distinct slopes. Interested? The ski season in Tremblant normally goes from late November to mid-April.

The second-highest peak in the Laurentians is Mont Blanc, a favorite for local Québecois visitors. Its summit is 580 meters high, serving skiers with 43 runs spread along 140 acres of skiable terrain. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry: both Tremblant and Mont Blanc offer ski lessons to learn the basics or improve your technique.

Local tip: Because Winter in Mont-Tremblant is nothing less than amazing, this season is their busiest and the peaks can be crowded at times. To avoid big lines, choose Tremblant’s Versant Nord on the north face. Its parking lot has easier access to the mountain, and the lodge is less busy at lunchtime. By the way, when you are ready to take a lunch break, try making it before noon or after 1:30 PM if you want to avoid the hungry crowds.

Explore the winter trails

If you’re more into exploring nature in the all-white wintertime, cross-country skiing might be just for you. The best place to practice this winter activity is in Mont-Tremblant National Park. Québec’s oldest park offers a 43-km network of trails divided into 6 courses, rated from easy to difficult. Explore the park at your own pace, Mont-Tremblant National Park also has shelters or huts heated with woodfire for when it’s time to take a break.

Another option is Ski de fond Mont-Tremblant, with more than 75 km of perfectly groomed snow-covered trails. You can do sports on Le P’tit Train du Nord linear path, which links downtown to the Village, or take the Jackrabbit Bridge and go safely between Le Géant golf area and Domaine Saint-Bernard. Visit Domaine Saint-Bernard’s eco-tourism centre for some classic cross-country skiing and skating.

Another must-not-miss adventure for nature lovers is snowshoeing through Domaine Saint-Bernard waterfalls and streams. Take your experience to the next level with a guided tour including a delicious fondue dinner!

If you are rather an adventurous skier, Mont-Tremblant offers a unique opportunity to practice Nordic skiing at Domaine Saint-Bernard or at one of the 112 km of unpatrolled trails in Mont-Tremblant National Park.

Ride with some furry friends

Dog sleigh is a fun thing to do in montreal

Looking for fun things to do in Mont-Tremblant with the whole family? Try some dog sledding in Mont-Tremblant or in some places nearby, like Val des Lacs or Kenauk. And it’s not only riding: you can also visit the kennels and connect more closely with your new Husky friends.

Or maybe you’re more of a horse lover instead. Don’t miss the opportunity to go on a sleigh ride and explore the beauty of the Laurentians. To enjoy this experience while listening to folk songs and sipping hot chocolate, book a ride thought Tremblant’s Activity Centre.

More Family-friendly winter activities

Winter fun is not complete without some ice skating – if you don’t feel like trying it yourself, sit by the rink and watch others sliding around. During the season, there are many skating rinks open daily in Mont-Tremblant, some of them have free admission.

And speaking of winter fun, how about some snow tubing? Mont-Tremblant offers a few options to slide down the slopes on a tube. Two of our favorite include Aventures Neige where you can find 8 different slides and Tremblant Resort where you can experience a Sliding Evenings.


Spring in Mon-Tremblant is perfect for skiing and enjoying the outdoors

Since the winter snow takes some time to melt, spring is still a great time to enjoy some skiing at warmer temperatures.

Spring also means terrace season in Mont-Tremblant. During this time you can enjoy an open-air lunch or have an après-ski under the warming sun. This popular activity is available at most restaurants, bars, and cafés in the pedestrian village – particularly in Place Saint-Bernard and Rue des Remparts.

There are plenty of open-air events that make spring in Mont-Tremblant a joyful season. Get tickets to The Caribou Cup in the spring to witness participants crossing a frozen pool on skis or snowboard. To entertain the little ones, visit the Burton El Nino, where kids get coached to improve their snowboarding skills and later they take part in a friendly race.

The Easter celebrations bring even more fun for the kids (and their families) at the pedestrian village, with an exciting Easter egg hunt, games, face painting and more kid-friendly activities brought to town by locals. For the grown-ups, spring in Mont-Tremblant also offers live music performances at Place Saint-Bernard and even a party at the Summit during April, celebrating the end of the ski season with music and barbecue.


Looking for things to do in Mont-Tremblant in the summer? That’s easy: Head to the beach to enjoy some great warm weather. Beach season in Mont-Tremblant starts from June till September, with plenty of options for beach-goers of all ages.

The Beach and Tennis Club at the Tremblant Resort is really close to the pedestrian village, serving swimmers some stunning views of the mountain and of Tremblant Lake.

Mont-Tremblant National Park is another great summer spot for swimmers. It has two supervised beaches: Crémaillère, located in the Diable sector, and Lac-Provost, in Pimbina.

Lac Raynaud beach at Domaine Saint-Bernard is also supervised every day, so visitors can swim with all safety, have a nice picnic and play some sports as well.

The sandy beach at Mercier Lake, located in the heart of Le Village, is another relaxing destination to cool off and enjoy a picnic meal in the midst of nature’s beauty.

Water fun for everyone

Parc Mont-Tremblant in Quebec Canada” by Heather Cowper is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

For a much more active experience, grab your friends or family members and try a 23 km canoe ride along the Diable River. If you’re into a lighter paddling, plan a river descent down the beautiful Méandres de la Diable, right in the heart of Mont-Tremblant National Park.

Head to the Rouge River and pick up a watercraft for a fun ride through crystalline waters, stop for breaks on some natural beaches.

Countryside sports

You could spend a whole summer hiking Mont-Tremblant and you’d never fully cover all its trails. There are close to 300 km of trails in the area all ideal to take in the rich flora and fauna of the region. Places like Mont-Tremblant National Park, Domaine Saint-Bernard and Tremblant Resort offer short walks in the woods or even a hike up to the summit for a small fee.

Mont-Tremblant’s nature is also the perfect spot for cycling. It is a destination for recreational and dedicated athletes who get on two wheels while being amazed by the beautiful countryside. The main attractions are Le P’tit Train du Nord Linear Park, Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant and the official course of the Ironman race.

If you want to get serious about your sporting activities at Mont-Tremblant, you may prepare for the Mont-Tremblant Half Marathon that takes place every year in August. Apart from the 21,1 km competition, the event has other distances, for all kinds of athletes: 5K, 10K, and a 1K for kids. 

Enjoy some live music

For a culture experience, visitors enjoy two great music events in Mont-Tremblant every summer. For ten days in July, the Tremblant International Blues Festival brings musicians from different countries to an open-air stage, mixing influences and styles under the common language of the blues. Later on, from late July to early August, it’s Festi Jazz time, with dozens of free jazz concerts creating a cool vibe downtown Mont-Tremblant.

Getting to new heights

If you’re always exploring new heights for the best view, you’ll love to know that one of the best things to do in Mont-Tremblant is riding one of Québec’s longest zip lines. These go from the Mont Tremblant’s summit to the village on a 4 km ride and there are 5 of them available. The best thing: they are placed side by side, so you can zip close to your friends and family! If you choose to experience this thrill, you may also enjoy the fun tour guides and some lessons on the region’s nature during the zip ride.


Experience Fall Colours in Mont Tremblant

The autumn colours in Mont-Tremblant are a true natural wonder. And there’s no better way to enjoy them than by taking a gondola ride. Mont-Tremblant’s panoramic gondola takes you from the village to the summit while revealing breathtaking views of Tremblant Lake, the Laurentians and the valleys around them.

For those who want to take in the fall colours of Mont-Tremblant in a more adventurous way, the Via Ferrata Du Diable is a rock climbing path where visitors walk by suspended cables 200 meters over sinuous Diable River. This Via Ferrata has three difficulty levels: easy, intermediated and advanced, taking from 3 to 5:30 hours to complete. It’s open from early June to late October, but the fall is the best season to try this unique activity to take advantage of the spectacular fall foliage display.

Go aboard the Grand Manitou II, a 1,200-metre vessel that cruises the Tremblant Lake, for the best fall landscape and history combo. Chose from the day cruise or a dinner cruise while listening to Mont-Tremblant legends and admiring the beauty around you.

Festival of lights

A trendy activity in Mont-Tremblant is Tonga Lumina. Open from June to October, this 1.5-km interactive night walk gives visitors a rich sensorial experience in the middle of the forest. The trail goes through the woods, crossing streams and clearings in a truly immersive journey. A great call for all ages!

To close a busy day of hiking, boat cruising and zip-lining, sit at a restaurant in Place Saint-Bernard to enjoy a meal while listening to some live music. From September to October, the fall music concerts fill the air every weekend at Mont-Tremblant.

Any time of the year

Mont Tremblant is a four season destination
Mont Tremblant” by Stephen Downes is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

One of the best things to do in Mont-Tremblant any time of the year is to spend some time relaxing in one of its spas, with the serenity of nature as the perfect backdrop. You can loosen up enjoying baths and massages, either between ski runs in the winter or while escaping the warm weather in summer.

The most popular spa in town is the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant, right beside the Diable River, where the hot and cold Scandinavian baths set in the heart of nature are sure to rejuvenate anyone. The most luxurious spa, Spa Sans Sabots, in Hotel Quintessence, offers personalized services, spa treatments and a terrace with amazing views of the Tremblant Lake. Finally, the Moment Spa Fairmont Tremblant is another great place to relax in summer or winter, with excellent manicure and pedicure services.

The sky is the limit

Thinking of exploring Mont-Tremblant from a brand new perspective? Fly high above the Laurentians in a helicopter, admiring the mountains and the surrounding nature. You could either enjoy the green richness of the forest in summer or be impressed by foliage colors of the fall.

The food scene

Find great restaurants in Mont Tremblant

Most of the Mont-Tremblant restaurants are open all year round, offering international menus, staples of Québecois gastronomy and local produce. L’Arôme, for example, is a café and bistro proud of using Laurentians-origin products in their dishes. At La Râtelier, large groups can have a BBQ menu or mechoui (an Algerian-style barbecue with a whole roasted pork or lamb), all with Québecois produce – vegetarian options are available. The Québec cuisine also sets the tone at sEb, a fine restaurant with a carefully curated wine list and food made out of seasonal ingredients.

For a more hearty meal, Le Grill is a steakhouse located in the village of St Jovite where you can enjoy a traditional steak or be surprised by the chef’s special. Tradition also meets innovation at Mille Pâtes, a pasta-specialized restaurant, and boutique that mixes classic meat lasagnas and penne arrabbiata with five new recipes that change every week.

Local tip: Le Restaurant des Petits Ventres is located in a charming and unique 19th-century house in downtown Mont-Tremblant. The building was home to the Laurentians’ fist notary and his offices, in 1892, and since then has been occupied by many different families. Diners can sit at the terrace and enjoy the old-style architecture and the food prepared by Yannick and Lucile, the couple who owns the place.

The nightlife

For those who prefer having a few drinks with a lively crowd, and even hitting the dance floor, Mont-Tremblant has its share of hot pubs and clubs. Microbrasserie St-Arnould is a famous microbrewery where you can have artisanal beers while enjoying some live music. At La Diable, tacos and chicken wings can be washed down with the beers made on the premises. Pub St.-Georges is the right place to enjoy beer or drinks while watching some sports on the screens or enjoying the DJ sets with your friends.

Le P’tit Caribou is considered the best spot for the après-ski in Mont-Tremblant, with an attractive terrace and a crowded dance floor. Next door is Café D’Epoque, where electronic music, VIP booths, and tequila shots make it a hot spot for bachelor(ette) parties.

Casino de Mont-Tremblant

Of all things to do in Mont-Tremblant, none is more exotic than the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. The adrenaline enthusiasts won’t resist the immensely diverse range of games while having fun with the themed evenings. And if playing casino games is not your thing, you can also enjoy live concerts, taste some seafood and grilled specialties in the restaurant, or simply have a drink with one of Mont-Tremblant’s most amazing mountain views.

How to get there

If you’re in Toronto and want to travel to Mont-Tremblant in the winter, you can lose the 6-hour car ride and get there with a 70-minute flight. The town is served by Mont-Tremblant International Airport, which is about 36 km from the resort village. Porter Airlines has direct flights from Toronto Billy Bishop Airport from early December to early April.

For those who are in Montreal, it’s only a 2-hour drive. From downtown, you should head north to the Autoroute 15, and then take the Trans-Canada Highway 117 up to Mont-Tremblant. Driving from Ottawa, it’s also a 2-hour ride, done mostly by going east on Highway 50 and then north on QC-323.

Where to Stay

vacation rentals in mont trebmlant
Chalet in Fore Blanche | 6BR | Up To 15 Guests

If you are as excited as we are for all the things to do in Mont-Tremblant, start planning your next escape to this beautiful destination. You’ll surely want to have a private space to come home after a busy day of skiing or shopping. Mont-Tremblant is full of luxurious and cozy vacation rentals to accommodate any party size. Chalet and cabin rentals are travellers’ favorite choices when it comes to staying close to nature, the pedestrian village and the slopes.


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