Trail runners are not deterred by many things. Rain, heat and even snow – nothing seems to stop a runner. So, it is not surprising that winter trail running is a very popular sport. Snow, ice and mud will only increase the challenge of the run. Here are some tips that may be helpful to winter trail runners:

Traction devices like sole spikes and chains, slip on and off traction devices and even built-in traction can keep you going when the trek gets icy, the snow gets slick or the path turns muddy. Slip-ons are convenient when your trail includes many surfaces like rock and mud. Built-ins allow you to keep running, no matter what the terrain.

Layering for different temperatures is important, especially for overnight runs. The temperature can change drastically after the sun goes down.

Make sure your base layers are made of moisture-wicking material like wool. Add a good vest, which will allow arm movement and also core warmth. Wool socks will keep your feet dry and cozy. Always wear a hat and gloves. You lose most of your body heat from your head. Fingers that are frostbitten are hard to use, so keep them warm. Hybrid glove-mittens will provide finger mobility and full-coverage warmth.

Use a shorter stride when running trails of ice and snow. The shorter stride will keep your feet within your center of balance. Going slower, especially in mud, and pacing yourself, can keep muscles from tiring out quickly.

Enjoy the winter trail run. Look at the purity of the snow. Notice the sparkle of ice-encrusted limbs. Find new territory, like frozen lakes, to explore during this season. This will help the run pass by quicker. The miles will seem shorter.

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