With this year’s travel trends, it’s no wonder vacation rentals are rising to stardom.  The secret’s out – holiday rentals are a true travel gem, attending to the appetite of 2012’s travelers.

The Trends | All Roads Lead to Holiday Rentals

1. Value for Money: with austerity in the air, travelers are increasingly value-conscious, booking vacations that give them a big bang for their buck. The mantra: spend less, get more.

2. Rise in Pet Travel: Four legged friends are an integral part of the modern family and travelers are seeking lodging that accommodates man’s best bud.

3. Above Average Amenities: consumer research shows that travelers are seeking accommodations that go beyond the basics, such as kitchens, private pools and parking spaces.

4. Domestic Travel: Air travel can account for up to 40% of a trip expense, so in an effort to bring down travel costs, travelers are opting for destinations they can drive to.  Travelers are embracing that great destinations in their backyards.

Top Destination Visited by Canadians | Neighborly Love

United States

View Holiday Rentals in the good ol’ US of A

Top Destinations 2012 | Canada Takes the Cake

Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick – handpicked by Frommer’s

View Holiday Rentals in Bay of Fundy

Muskoka, Ontario – handpicked by National Geographic

View Holiday Rentals in Muskoka

Toronto, Ontario – handpicked by Travel + Leisure

View Holiday Rentals in Toronto


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