Marketing and promoting your listing is the number one way to increase inquiries and bookings. Here, we’ve put together a list of ways you can promote your property, both big and small!


On your listing page you will notice a “SHARE” button. This is key to promoting your listing. Click on the icon and you’ll see several options for sharing your property via digital and social channels:

Share My Property

You can also ‘Recommend’ your listing from the Promote My Listing section of your Dashboard.

Promote My Listing includes this seamless social media integration so you can market your property to friends and family within seconds via Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks. You never know when someone you know (or someone they know) might be looking to rent a cottage, so spread the word and put yourself out there!



Upgrading to a featured listing is an extremely effective way to promote your property. Featured listings receive 30-50% more traffic and are displayed on the homepage, on regional pages, and first within search results. You can feature your listing at any time by going to your Dashboard > My Listings.

Feature Your Listing



Running an Auction is a great way to engage the traveler base while filling up last minute vacancies! Travelers are eager to take advantage of special rates and offers, so offering an Auction will generate a flow of incoming traffic to your listing. As always, you maintain complete control over who rents your property: you do not have to accept the winning bidder if he or she does not meet your criteria. To Auction off vacant dates, go to your Dashboard > My Listings > My Auctions > Create Auction.



Running banner advertising on or our other sites (e.g. is another excellent way to promote your property and/or business.  This is an especially good option for property owners or managers who operate multiple rental properties or resorts.  If you’re interested in learning more about a custom advertising campaign, contact

And there you have it folks!


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