Our new Getaway Collections offer property owners and managers a new, cost-free way to drive traffic to their listings. By adding and tagging great photos, you increase the chances of travelers discovering, sharing and inquiring on your property. Read more to learn how it works and why this is an important marketing opportunity for you!

What Are Getaway Collections?

Getaway Collections allow travelers to discover and explore properties and destinations in a fun, visual way. By organizing photos into categories, such as “Winter Collection”, “Ocean Collection” or “Family Collection” to name a few, travelers can explore rentals related to their specific interests, such as travel season, activities or geography. As travelers browse photos within each collection, they can like, share and save favourite images and also click right into and book the listing with which the photo is associated.

How Do Collections Help Me Market My Listing?

If your listing includes high quality photos (hint hint, every listing should!), you can tag them to appear in themed Getaway Collections. The better the photos, the more travelers will interact with them and click through to your listing. Good photos are a very powerful tool for getting the attention of potential renters. Furthermore, we have built our Getaway Collections as a social tool, designed to create viral activity around your photos and thus your listing (see images below).

How Do I Get Started?

If you already have great photos on your listing, go in and tag the most interesting ones. If not, upload some fresh pics! To tag photos, go to your Dashboard > My Listings > Edit Photos, and enter tags which apply. Limit yourself to three tags per picture, and a total of three tagged photos per listing. Quality is better than quantity!

Once you tag your photos, they will automatically appear in the associated collections. For example, if you tag a photo as “Wilderness”, it will automatically be viewable when a traveler browses the “Wilderness  Collection”. When viewing your photo, a traveler can share it with social networks, email it to fellow travelers, like it, and click through to your listing make a reservation (see images below).

Pictures speak a thousand words, so make it a priority to decorate your listing with high quality, engaging photos. Your listing should not only include photos of the physical property itself, but should also include some photos of the surrounding environment e.g., capture a beautiful sunset over the lake or wildlife in the woods.

Getting great photos up on your listing is an extremely important and powerful marketing tool, and Getaway Collections are a free way to make sure your photos are easily discovered!

For more on this topic, be sure to read our articles The Importance Of Great Photos and How To Make Your Listing Stand Out, part of the Rentals 101 Blog Series.

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