Colourful leaves, cooler air and time off from work—who wouldn’t look forward to that? Well, that’s exactly what is around the corner. Thanksgiving is coming up. Leaves are all around and the temperature is comfortable. Now is the time to get away with your family to a cottage vacation.

Nothing is more relaxing than tucking in for the weekend with friends and family in a beautiful wooded setting. Grab the canoes and paddle a lake where the reflection of colour is surreal. Watch as wildlife scurry along, eating the last of the berries and getting ready for winter. When you have drank in your fill of the surrounding scenery and fresh air, head back to the cottage.

In the kitchen, experienced cooks are passing down secret recipes to the next generation. Watch as a dash of this and a pinch of that is added to the pot. Smell that turkey basting in the oven. The anticipation of a favourite dish is almost too much to bear. Finally, everyone can gather around the table. Seated, happy and hungry, you can count your blessings as you look at your loved ones.

Whether you choose to unbutton your pants and relax in the recliner after dinner or take a stroll through leaf-strewn paths through the woods, this is your favourite time. Listening to the grandchildren chatter. Catching up on gossip as the women sip coffee. Pondering another piece of pie. Does life get any better?

The answer is no. Family time, good food and friends are irreplaceable. So why not take the time to enjoy that this year? Plan your escape to a beautiful cottage in the country or a vacation rental in the heart of the city. Your family will love it. Try a rustic cottage rental in Port Perry, Ontario or even try renting a cottage in Parry Sound. CanadaStays can help you find something to suit every family and any budget.

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