With Valentine’s Day, March Break and Canada’s biggest winter Festivals around the corner, it’s a busy time for booking vacation rentals! Here are marketing tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of your rental this winter season. 


Property Photos:

  • Do you have photos showing your rental in the current season? For example, if you are marketing to families booking March Break trips, it is important to promote your property accordingly. If your listing only includes photos of your property in the summer sun, how can a family get an idea of what it’s like to stay there in the winter? Similarly, if you want to market your property for Valentine’s Day, do you have photos that portray your property as a romantic setting? Photos are the most powerful part of your listing – make sure they tell the right story!
  • Make sure your photos are large and high quality  – no blurry thumbnails!
  • Does your listing include a detailed description?
  • Does the description include tidbits about local attractions? For example, if your city is known for its antique shopping or local food fare, include this marketable information!
  • Does your description include details about what makes your region/town a special destination? For example, if your region is known for snow sports, include this selling point!
  • If you want to market your property for an upcoming festival or March Break, for example, be sure your description communicate the perks of choosing your property. Is your property in close proximity to the festival centre? Is it right near ski hills or snow trails? Is it perfect for a whole family or better suited for a single couple? Include these useful details!
  • Is your availability calendar up to date? Renters site accurate availability as one of the most important factors when they’re deciding what rentals to inquire on.
  • Are you using the CanadaStays.com Calendar App?
Online Marketing:
  • Have you shared your listing on social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)?
  • Have you emailed your friends and family the link to your listing page so they know your property is available for rent during this busy time and they can share it within their networks?
  • This is a great time of year to upgrade to a Featured or Premier Listing, which ensures your property appears at the top of regional pages and search results.  To learn more and upgrade your listing you can call 1-866-808-6210 ext. 1

If you’ve completed the above tasks, then you’re good to go. Happy bookings and we’ll talk to you soon!

As always, if you have any questions about any of these steps don’t hesitate to contact customer service team Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM EST


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